Seattle dining room

I received some requests for pictures of our current dining room, so here it is.

Its a nice size room, with a big window that brings in a lot of natural light. I try to use our dining room as often as I can and remember. I dont want it to be a formal room for fancy dinners, I really want to see it being used by our kids doing there homework or us eating our regular week night dinners etc.

When we moved in to this house 5 years ago, I thought it would be fun to put up the gray Elephant wallpaper from Svenskt Tenn on one wall. Wanted to make it playful and less formal. I also thought it would be a contrast to all the white walls. Now, I am debating whether I should change it to something more neutral or keep it a little longer. Regardless, elephant or no elephant, its an eye catcher and people always comment on it since you see it as you walk in the front door.



Overall, I am trying to keep the dining area simple yet I like to ad something bold to make it interesting but most importantly inviting.

Some have asked about the table, which my dear husband made years ago. I wanted a large table that fit 4 wishbone chairs on each side and the ones I found where to expensive so my hubby made this. Still super happy about it. Recently the table got a make-over, I painted it in a darker gray which picks up the gray in the wallpaper. Below a picture from our old house that we built in Stockholm back in 2005 – where you can see the original table color. Love going back memory lane and looking at our old homes.

W-15 (002)


The things I tend to focus on to make the dining room feel cozy and inviting is using  candles (I admit, I use a lot of candles, so many that several of my friends make fun of me and wonder if I belong to a special candle sect ;)). Another detail is having fresh flowers (which has become my wonderful Friday routine).  Fresh flowers is a must!

Oh – by the way, don´t pay attention to my sad plant in the corner (I realize I have not been paying attention to it for some time ;)). Sorry, I will get right to it!


One thing I feel I am still working on is getting the art, the walls right. I realize the mix of art perhaps doesn’t go that well together. Once things have calmed/slowed down with our new summer house I might re invest in some new art in here.


These 2 sketches I found at the greatest antique market outside of Paris (Clignancourt). Recommend it you haven´t already been there.  Believe I bought the sketches for 10Euros each.  The painting below is from a Dutch artist (Corneille). My parents did not have space for them anymore so they handed me 3 of his work some 20 years ago. The other 2 are different in colors so I decided to hang these ladies & the bird separately.


My classic Wishbone chairs by Hans J. Wegner  however, I love love. I have had them for years. They have gone over the Atlantic ocean in a container many times but after all these years, they still look good. The type of chairs that age beautifully. They are pretty pricey but I believe in saving saving and buying the quality pieces if you can. Its worth it.



Now to the final part, the lamp. Its actually my latest addition to the room. I have been looking for a ceiling lighting ever since we moved in (not very actively as you can hear :)). I wanted to find a fairly modern and slim lighting that would not take over the room (given the ceiling is very high). I was so glad when I finally came across this one from Lambert & Fils in Montreal.



Well my friends, that is my dining room. Wish you all a fantastic weekend!



Summer villa heaven

Today I came across this out of this world villa in Sydney, Australia. I am blown away how beautiful this weekend retreat is. I Believe I have been starring at the images for a good hour now, just admiring every detail. I promised myself I would go out running this morning, but I got stuck here looking at this waterfront property!  Designed by Alexander & Co and found via Est Living.

I am sure this is one of those homes that will see pop up in all blogs, its that stunning! Extra fun coming across a home like this…on a regular Monday :). What a great way to start the week. I will let the pictures, taken by Felix Forest speak for themselves. If I were planning on building/renovating in the Sydney area – this is a company I would start with…for sure!


This kitchen is stunning. Love how wonderful it connects with the outside. Wow!





Just look at that floor and ceiling!!















Nothing wrong with the location either!?! I am so glad I came across this home today. I just could not  – not share it, before my run!

Have a wonderful week.
Hugs P

Trunks – stay or go?

Almost a decade ago I went into an Antique shop in Seattle that was about to close. Everything was 50% off, so of course I couldn’t leave empty handed ;)). I walked out with 2 old steamer trunks that I thought looked cool and I was sure they would come to use one day. When we sold our summer house in Sweden last December, I found them in our garage (where they have been sitting for the last 8 years). I remember my husband saying, “can we finally get rid of those old smelly trunks”?

For some reason I kept them, thinking they might, just might come to life in this new house we are building. As I am going through how to decorate the coming summer house I found a few inspiring pictures over at Pinterest that got me all thinking. Take a look.


Decorating with trunks is tricky in my mind. There is a fine line in getting it just right. As always I think it works best when you mix it with light and modern pieces. I would want to avoid having the trunks together with very heavy or dark furniture but thats me. I think they have done a great job in the space above where everything else is light, modern and feels fresh.


Back in the day steamer trunks were used as luggage on voyages. Today you see them in homes as coffee tables & decor. Big brands such as Louis Vuitton and Restoration Hardware even have them in their product lines now.

Both my trunks are brown/black, same style but in different sizes. I have never done anything to them nor really taken care of them so they need love and caring to bring them back looking good again (… and less smellie). There are plenty of good sites that describe how to restore old trunks.


liliumdesigns blogspot

I like how they turned the trunk into a small bar table/butler tray and mixing it with P. Starck plastic chairs makes it look modern.

Sadly, I could not find any good photos of mine and since everything is in storage right now – this is the best I could do. I spotted them in the background of a photo so here is a bad cut out/zoomed image. As you can see they look very sad, but with some fancy products & care ….maybe ??

garage trunks

I have to admit I am a little inspired after going through the images and I am thinking they might help our new summer house feel and look more “aged”. They would certainly ad character.  However, I think its gonna be difficult getting them passed my husband and in to this new house. I am pretty sure he thinks I threw them out in December. Maybe if he reads my blog, he will be open to reconsider… ;))?

If it were a nice old Louis Vuitton trunk like below, well then that would have been a different story (…and price as well ;)). A keeper for sure.



I wanted to show you this space, where that fine line comes in. I think its too much with the old paintings and frames. I would prefer modern motif or at least white frames to make it feel more playful, light & fresh. Also, I would switch out the lamp – but thats just me.



Here is another type of trunk (same idea tho) that I bought on an auction site. I use it to store my youngest daughters toys in it but of course it can also be used as a coffee table…



What do you think, keep them or finally say bye bye to the old smelly trunks?


Now I have to go get ready for my daughters “pineapple theme party”. She turns 10! Got to go.

Have a great weekend!
Hugs P

All images found on Pinterest under trunks

American Porch

My husband and I decided to ad an American porch to our Swedish summer house. After 10 years here in the US and becoming American citizens we figured we have to bring in something American to the new house? I was kinda hoping for that nice southern wrap around porch but since this lot limits us a bit as to how much we can build, we compromised to get a nice size house along with our porch. I really picture us using this porch a ton, ton tons! Just look at the porch below, its got my name ALL over it!


We are going for a wood deck and a white porch in general. We plan to extend the deck further passed the poles and where the roof ends – to make it more spacious and make sure the guests sitting on the further end don´t fall backwards… )). Our goal is to make the deck as leveled to the inside floor (want to avoid that step).


I am totally in love with the vibe on this porch above. This long plank table along with those industrial chairs is such a cool mix.  We love having dinners and friends over so the chairs will probably not be my pick from a comfy point but I admit, they look good ;). I prefer investing in more comfortable chairs so my guests stay longer and come back!

We will have our porch double doors in the middle/centered (similar to image below but our porch will be bigger and deeper). I am dividing the porch into 2 spaces. 1, eating area on the right side as you step out and 2, a more lounge sofa area on the corner left side.

bild#2 (002).jpg

The lighting is important and I have been leaning on having spotlights in the ceiling but after looking at hundred of pics on Pinterest, I like the idea of having lamps on the house facade and maybe even a centered lamp hanging over the dining table. So not sure about the spotlight anymore…


I am bringing along some furniture from our old summer place. This is not a great picture but the one I could find today. In the back you can spot part of my old long church bench in light green and an old farmers table that I think will look perfect on the porch. I also have 6 of those Ikea rattan chairs, which I will most likely use to start with…(am thinking there won´t be that much money left once we´ve built this house ;)).

20160814_174017882_iOS (2)

I came across this image and remembered I have one of those lamps in storage. Maybe it would look good hanging over our table as well.


On the so called, lounge side of the porch I will have my rattan sofas and chairs that I usually fill with tons of cushions. To that I got our cool concrete table that my hubby and friend made. For some reason I could not find a picture of it, so you will just have to wait to see it until we´ve moved everything in..


On a different note or I should say in connection with the porch – I need to design what comes after the porch…. So, we contacted a landscape architect to help us with the overall plans and design for our lot. I have no problem listing things that I would love to include but as I was making an attempt to do the sketch myself  – I realized I need help. In this early stage we first just need a rough plan so we can prepare the lot and ground best way possible. Then closer to summer we can then focus more on the details and final layout and design. Promise to share that once we get it.

Before I go, one dream would be to ad a pool. Now I realize, it doesn´t make sense (crazy!!”#) since we wont be there as much and we live close to the water but it would just be so nice. I dont need a big one…but hey even so, its not something we would build this year anyways but I would not mind making a plan B sketch with a small pool in it (just in case)! Just look at the images I found on Pinterest….and tell me I am (not) crazy….


Wouldn´t that be nice…oh boy, think I need to end this blogpost before I get too carried away and want a pool right away! Lets just start with a nice big porch for now! Easy to get carried away …


Hope you are enjoying your week!

I am planning on a trip to Sweden. Going over to make all the final house and detail decisions. We are finally getting started. Our builder and sales representative has been super nice to coordinate and set up all the necessary meetings for me.  It will be a busy week, will tell you more about my coming trip next time.

Hugs P

Images borrowed from: Pinterest, Atlanta homes, World Market, Elle Decor, Traditional Home, Southern Hospitality, Fiskarhedenvillan, Trivselhus,

Time to open windows.

Finally May. Glad April is over. Let me just say, the weather here in Seattle has really lived up to its reputation of rain, rain & more rain.  Now looking forward to all the wonderful things May will bring! Usually it means sunshine and being able to open the windows, to catch the sunlight, the fresh air and warmer temperature.  In my house, May is also a yearly wake up call that I need to clean my windows. Having cleaned windows make all the difference!

Which brings me to today’s topic, Windows! I always pay attention to windows, they just play such an important part of any home or building regardless of style. They not only bring the light in and warmth but a window can really be a piece of art just by itself. I usually prefer to keep the windows clean from blinds and curtains as much as possible.

Let me start off with this awesome kitchen window. Love how it opens all the way and connects the indoor with the outdoor. I can picture myself sitting on a bar stool, keeping an eye on the chef (hubby) while sipping on my Sauvignon Blanc.

Below some favorite picks showing amazing windows – amazing views. Windows and views that in my mind look like a postcard, a photograph or an art piece that you can sit and admire for hours, hours and hours (…you get it…).


I can´t wait to see what we will be able to see from our windows. Our lot or jungle as we call it, will be taken down shortly and finally we will get a better view of it all.  Hoping to fly there to witness the take down…

I have shown you this amazing summer hide-away in Denmark before, but the view from their windows is breathtaking. Just blends in with mother nature perfectly.


Love this narrow window, so interesting and a cool way of letting light in. This would be the first thing I would walk up to – super curious to look out.

Cool patio window/door. Not sure how practical, I would imagine having to clean the window from fingerprints all day long, or!?

I am extra exciting to see how the black windows that we have chosen will look like. I am really hoping it will be that cool detail to an otherwise pretty classic summer house look & feel. Can´t wait until they are up this summer. Here are some pics that got me inspired.




A dear “insta” friend was so kind to forward this picture to me. Totally in love with this kitchen and space. Love all of it (I would probably just change the rug). The dining table & chairs, cabinet colors and THOSE windows/door – oh my! For a second I am wishing I could change our house model and ad a ton of similar windows….



I am not a huge fan of the gold details here but seriously, WHO CARES when you have a window and a view like this?!!!?? No need for books or magazine. I would be a rude guest and spend a lot of time in here ..

Ok friends, time to book that window cleaning service now. Gotta go. Thanks for checking in and coming back to my blog. I´m honored and happy! It keeps me going.

See you soon!


Images, Pinterest, Hemnet, Architectural Digest, Esny, Bobedre.

Books are better than TV

I dont know about you, but for me summer is the time to relax, unwind and catch up on good books and interesting reading. Adding built in bookshelves therefore feels like a must in our coming summer house. There is something special with picking out your summer read and having shelves filled with interesting books and magazines. It certainly makes any room come alive and feel cozy mozy.

I am also hoping it will be a detail that will help the new house feel a bit more customized and “old”. The image below is what got my attention in the first place. Turned out the image is from a home in the town we are building (Mölle) so thats gotta be a sign, right?

Below a sketch of our 2 living room spaces. The first, labeled “vardagsrum/livingroom” faces and connects to the eating area off to the right. In the original floor plan there was a closed corner room to be used as an extra office or guest room, however we decided to open it up and create a corner TV/Reading/extra living room instead. I marked the wall on the sketch below where I plan to build the shelves in yellow. My idea is having shelves on each side + over the window. Debating having a bench under the window or shelves.

I looked through Pinterest today and as always I found lots of inspiration and ideas. I prefer the shelves to go all the way up to ceiling (otherwise it just collects dust). Below a design with glass doors. Think I prefer the less formal look with open shelves for our summer house.

Below a more straight forward design which I like as well. I am asking our carpenter for 2 quotes, one more simple design and another with a few more details and reading nook and see how it compares money wise. After all, this cannot go crazy over budget (since other things surely R ;). Given we are on a tight time schedule, I think I need to ask an outside carpenter instead of using our builder with Fiskarhedenvillan. I want them to focus on getting the house ready for Christmas so all ad-ons and customizations like bookshelves and bunk-beds – probably better if made by someone else.

I have my mind set on painting trim- and wood details throughout the house in a warm light gray color, so I imagine the bookshelf to be gray as well (pretty identical to below images).

I am totally in love with this bookshelf in gray. I dont mind copying this design. The only difference is we would build it around our window instead of door opening. Below a mix of pics I had saved on my dear computer.





Before logging out today, I have to share and end this post with these amazing images. We are talking about some serious bookshelves and serious book lovers!

Time to order books for the summer, time to start reading!

Images Pinterest, except gray book shelves from Alcro Trend.

Bathroom ideas

I am moving on to the more difficult room, the bathroom. There are so many different styles, details and decisions to make so I feel it is time to wrap my head around it all.

We will have one smaller bathroom downstairs, and a bigger bathroom upstairs. I imagine both bathrooms to harmonize but with a few different touches. I think I can ad more “twist” to the downstairs/guest bath. Today I am sharing my ideas for the upstairs one. I still haven´t finalized it but here are some thoughts.

Capture architect be

This is the image that I want to start with, and use as my foundation and build our bathroom from. I love the calm color tones, the stone ads a sophisticated and luxury feel.


Regardless of some trends going towards darker bathrooms, I am looking for a light and neutral colored bathroom. We are building a summer house so I prefer to keep things light n fresh. I imagine it to be classic with some modern touches. I dont want to go too summer cottage like, nor too modern, I want to find the middle ground (very typical Swedes :)).

I have had my fair share of white subway tile bathrooms over the years. I still love the style but am also loving the idea of bigger tiles and not having tiles on all walls. Let me share what I have in mind so far.


I like the feel of this bathroom. The big carrara marble tiles, the shower placement, the big window and the furniture details that ad warmth to the room – it makes it a room. Bathrooms can easily feel a bit “cold”, so I love the idea of decorating them as rooms, adding personal touches, art and warm details such as textile, wood and baskets. Its a balance because I still like bathrooms to be cluttered-free and practical. Given we are 4 girls in this house hold and a lot of “fancy products” – smart storage is a must.



Below is the layout of the bathroom, as you can see we have added a Bastu/a sauna. The space is not super big but I believe it will just be enough and good for us and our needs.


Besides the basic details such as shower, sink and toilet I need a big cabinet to store everyone’s toilet products and towels. I like the idea of all my family members getting a basket each to put their stuff in and take in & out of cabinet when needed. I know how easy it is to get the bathroom to look “messy”. I prefer to hide most things and keep it as clean as possible. I intend to put the cabinet in-front of the shower, and have storage under the zink. We will have a clear glass corner shower but I am still trying to find space to hang and dry towels. One solution could be a wall out from the sauna, closing the shower a bit and placing hooks on that wall, another idea is just having hooks inside the sauna and letting the towels dry in there.

For the bathroom flooring, I am leaning towards bigger limestone tiles in a light gray or gray/beige color. I am thinking of adding/placing it on the front wall as you walk in and around the shower as well. The other sides will just be painted/special paint approved for bathrooms. Our windows throughout the house will be black, so that will hopefully be a nice detail. I am trying to find a separate/unique bigger cabinet and I cant seem to find it among the bathroom furniture stores/suppliers (yet). At the moment I have 2 in mind, this black/metal and glass (not necessarily meant for bathroom) but I think it could be cool or a more closed white “standard” bathroom cabinet (below).

I would normally suggest black lamps to ad contrast but for some reason I really want to create a neutral, calm and light bathroom. I recently “won” these old wood benches, that might be nice to ad in the bathroom.

Choosing the right lighting is important in the bathroom. We will probably need a few spots in the ceiling but I would love to ad nice wall lamps on each side of the mirror. Also the mirror is one of those things that can really make an impact to the room. I am contemplating having a big one flushed to the wall over the zink or order a big round one. Luckily nothing I need to decide today, but I imagine soon…

I just wanted to finish of with this beautiful image that I found from an apartment project being sold in Stockholm. Perhaps not what I will have in our summer place but I just loved the image and since we were on the bathroom topic, I wanted to share it with you. It looks super glamours!

That is all from me today, have to run out and do some errands but promise to check in with you soon again.


Image source:
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