Color and paper on the wall!

Fall is right around the corner so a good thing our builders are just a few days before starting with all the inside work. The electrician is there this week, doing his stuff. After that its time to complete the walls which means time to decide wall color and inside colors in general.

I am first to admit that I am all about keeping it crispy white, and especially in a summer house. I plan on bringing in light gray in certain rooms and details. I prefer to move in first, get a feel of how much light comes through those windows, see the furniture in place and then decide if I need to ad more color or perhaps wallpaper. I did promise my brother one wall with wallpaper in da house!

When it comes to the color white, there is white and there is white. I want to avoid drops of other colors in my white. Lets hope the color-mix machine is accurate! I want it neutral (so no drops, no signs of yellow, pink nor blue). My white (Swedish code 0300-N ) is really crispy white (some call it hospital white) and I will use it on all walls and ceiling as well as some trims (however with different shines).



The gray that I will bring into this house is a warm light gray that I have used before in previous summer house. The Swedish code is 2502-Y (this has a dash of black and yellow) so its warm but yet not too romantic if that makes sense. I ordered our custom-built kitchen in that exact color (image above), part of our stairs railing as well as the built-in bunk beds and bookshelves we plan on building in time will be in this gray. Below is my little mood-color-board as I call it..


As you can see my color palette only goes so far, I never got to the colors….;).

You would think that with such a calm and light basis I would dare to ad something more colorful or a wallpaper with pattern somewhere without it disturbing the peace, right ? I´d like to think I am that bold and would go with bright colors or patterns but everyone who knows me know I tend to fall back to my basics. I just feel more at home there.. living in my white, black and gray bubble! 😉

But I did promise my dear brother (who by the way is somewhat an expert on wallpaper) to ad it to one wall to start with, so I got to keep that promise! As you know there is so much out there and here is just a portion of some that I like. Take a look.






Of course my home here in Seattle is no different –  it goes in the colors white, white, white with a few light gray walls, kitchen cabinet and bookshelves. I actually also did put up 2 wallpapers the first year we moved in (what can I say, I went a little bananas :)). Like this “library” wallpaper in our small guest bath that I ordered from the UK.

Then over in our dining room I had some fun and placed this darker gray elephants from SvensktTenn on one wall.  People still comment on them which is fun, its unexpected and not very common yet over here….


Before I let you go, I wanted to show you these bold and beautiful ones that most likely will not hit my walls in Mölle but it doesn´t stop me from appreciating it and admiring the ones that choose them!  At SandbergWallpaper you can see so many more styles.



Sorry, that is all I have time for today – promised to bake banana nut bread before driving kiddo to soccer practice! Got to go!

Enjoy the rest of your week! Thanks for stopping by!

Hugs P


Most wallpaper pics; SandbergWallpaper, Morris, Skonahem, Araslovkok; Houseofphiliaelsaentourage, Atlanta homes.



Some updates from the house

A brand new week just started but I wanted to share the mix of pictures my dear mama took with her little phone over the weekend. This first picture below made me super happy. I know I repeat myself – but I am so excited about the black windows! If we would have chosen white, it would have looked nice – but not as nice as this!?

file-29 (005)

We added extra trim around the window, a “New England” detail. It looks like they have one window left to do but a detail I think goes well with the summer house and also fits well in to Mölle.

file-31 (003)

Here is one side of the house and please ignore all the junk in front of it :). I had make the upstairs windows slightly smaller and place them a bit more in the middle due to how we plan the 2 bedrooms (with our built in bunk-beds). It would most likely look more symmetrical with them placed right above the windows below but we had to do it this way in order to accommodate our plans, so that is that. Each rooms have additional windows on the other main sides so plenty of light.

file1-2 (004)

Here is a close up of the entrance, our Classic-series double front door from the company, “Diplomat dörrar”. We ended up choosing gray door instead of black, something I am glad we did. The gray ads another dimension to the otherwise black & white house.  However, wanted to point out my first little disappointment (not a big deal but still enough to bug me ;)) – turns out the outside framing on the door only comes on one side! On the inside its plain, flat and therefore gives it a more modern look – hmm but why? I did not think of asking, double checking this. I assumed since I ordered the extra classic door I would get a nice classic door period. Why do they even have a “half” product? However I realize its a luxury problem and there is so much to love about this house…

file-29 (007).jpeg


Here you get a glimpse of the entrance. As you enter the house, there will be a short roof before it opens up all the way up to the top ceiling. Hoping this will be a nice wow-affect, cool first impression kind of feeling. This side faces the woods, the mountain as well as the church! Truly lucky with the views from all sides! The picture of Mölle church below is taken from the main road, just wanted to show you how beautiful it is.

file-29 (003)

Now moving inside and upstairs and with this picture we were able to discover a “surprise”. In situations like this, I am super thankful for my moms pics, they help us stay connected and see how everything is progressing. This big wall was suppose to be all straight, that little extra added space/build-out to whats going to be the bathroom is not something we had seen on sketches. A misunderstanding somewhere but not really our fault so it will be fixed, so glad about that! Fiskarhedenvillan Skåne and our sales guy Fredrik has really been great about handling and responding to questions or issues like this.


So as you can see, the walls are starting to come up, and you can now get a better idea of layout and space. To the left master bedroom, middle closet/storage and to the right the bathroom and sauna.

file2-3 (004)


Here is a view from the back side of the house, which I see as the main side since this is where we will spend most time. This side faces the water and gets the sun all hours of the day (luckily the sun is not usually as strong in Sweden)…

A few things; I mentioned before we were restricted as to how big we could build and placement of the houses and this was the only way we could fit these 2. I would have loved more space between the house and garage but did not want nor felt I had the time to “make a case” about that …again, there is so much to be appreciative about so it is what it is.

file2-3 (004)

However, one little miss in the delivery – the garage windows should also have been black. No big deal, its is being taken care of, so all good!

file-29 (004)

When we chose black windows, I was worried that it would pop-out to much or it would take away the sunlight and view from the inside but after seeing this image and seeing how well you still see in…  I just loooove it!

Heard rumors they were starting to build the big porch deck while the electrician crew do their thing inside.  Will just have to wait until next weekend for pictures.

That was my quick house project update! Thinking about colors and wallpaper, will share some thoughts on that next!

Hugs P


I want to work here too

I stumbled across Gensler – an Architect and Design firm based in the US. They have done some real cool projects and I especially was blown away with this amazing office!

How I would love to work in this space and environment. I just have to figure out how I can make it happen and get my entire family to move to San Fran 😉 …. oh, just a small detail. Advertising agency firm based in SF – filled with creative and happy people (hello!!! – well daa, no wonder???). I would also spend most hours of the day in this cool place, collaboration  and sharing my ideas away!  I would not call in sick one single day if my work space looked like this!





The goal when renovating was to keep it white, clean and simple and let the color come from their projects and people! How about that? Love it. Have a feeling the average age here is pretty young…hmm.. oh well, not throwing in the towel just yet!








I would even have not problem with making my own little lunch box each day and eat in here! And of course, you see the bikes leaning towards the window – got it, got to get ride of my car and start being cool and biking to work as well!  Just a few details I need to work on before approaching this firm :).

Hugs P

Pictures by Genslerm and Patricia Chang
You want to work here as well… Click here


NY inspired apartment

Just came across this apartment, being sold in my other `hometown´, Stockholm. It has that New York vibe to it and as always I like how they mixed materials and styles. Its a small place, basically one big space but super cool and it has potential if you need more actual rooms. I can think of a few ideas one could do with the living rooms. By the way, apparently it used to be an old schools gymnastics room…

It was just a “fresh air” to see this apartment, because today when you see homes for sale (in particular Stockholm), they tend to look a bit the same, staged with the same vase (if you are Swedish you know which one I mean), the same throw or its all white. The staging becomes a little too predictable – so extra fun seeing they kept the original interesting interior. At least thats the vibe and feel it leaves me with, but when I look closer they actually dont have that much furniture but yet they manage to create it cozy (realize the space and ceiling height itself is very unique).

I have moved and sold many homes and know that it takes hours getting it looking like this. Rinsing and cleaning up for a photo shoot or open house is a lot work!).  With that in mind, I still think it looks interesting and lived in, and I am sure many going to the open house will feel that (by the way, try asking them to leave that kitchen table behind, just saying :))





Imagining a wonderful dinner here with all those candles lit in the evening. Yummy.


What I love most is how the kitchen is the center of this home, which makes it feel cozy and instantly welcoming and warm. Off to the left you have bedroom and bathroom and as I mentioned I think you can do more with the living room spaces if needed.




Love the stairs, its raw and ads a cool masculine touch to the space.





That´s all for today. Enjoy your Friday everyone! Thank you for stopping by.

Hugs P


All images from Skandiamaklarna

Creme de la Creme stoves

I think the cooktop and stove play a big part of every kitchen. After all, its where the magic and all yummy stuff is made. In our family we live to eat good and yummy food every day. I enjoy spending time in the kitchen and its a wonderful way to keep everyone happy and together. Nothing beats the home cooked meals… which leads me to todays topic – the range, the cooktop!

Normally you have 3 options to choose from, gas, electric and induction and for our summer house we are going with the induction stove. As you already know there are quite a few different brands out there, they are fairly similar and a lot of look-alikes but you find differences in tiny details such as more use of plastic instead of real metal on some parts. Some models and brands might rattle more than others and some are just way to expensive for our summer budget. Here are a few I know…


OK, I am going right to my favorite dreamy French gas stove. No detours here. High-end but their stoves sweep the floors in my opinion when it comes to look and design! I have a crush on their gray colored version shown below. Its just so darn beautiful! Their factory in France dates back to the 18th century which explains a lot, they know their stuff…



beig ital

blp ital



Oh la la – isn´t this gray version just to die for! …next house over here maybe…


llve make Italian state of the art ranges and cooktops. We have had one in our previous home and were really happy with the quality, design and performance. Can certainly recommend Ilve but a little more than we wanted to spend this time.

ilve grå






Bertazzoni is another well known Italian brand that have specialized in stove production and cooking appliances since 1909. A bit less in cost than Ilve but still as good in quality. Believe I will choose one of their induction stoves for Mölle. bertazzoni



Smeg   – another Italian home appliance manufacturer based in Guastalla. Their company has been around for over 65 years, and whats fun with the Smeg appliances is that they decided to work with famous designers early and create a  different, fun and most of the times colorful design (you might have seen their refrigerators for ex).





And yet another Italian company that does this for a living as well. Lofra started in 1956 so I suppose they have some serious competition to deal with just in Italy alone. I was about to pick one of their models, their prices were lower and more kind to my wallet but after some qualify feedback – I am choosing Bertazzoni this time.




lofra premiuim

lofra dubb ugn



Finishing it off with an American brand, Viking – which is relatively a young company but they continue to grow and are really considered a high-end innovated appliance brand. Believe they are all made here in the US but uncertain if they ship internationally just yet, but go on their website to learn more..





That´s all from me this beautiful Thursday! Will be back soon, sorry for being a bit blog absent lately but the days are just not long enough!

Hugs P


Pics borrowed from Lacanche, Smeg, Lofra, Ilve, Bertazzoni, Pinterest.

Outdoor wall lighting

Its time to look for outdoor wall lighting and even though I have an idea of style, I still haven´t decided on the particular one. Lighting can certainly be a pricey detail but I am trying to be smart” about it. Its a summer house we are building so do not feel the need to go over board and choose the most fancy pansy lamp here.


The house style is classic so I want the lights to match that. Eventually I need to plan lighting for the entire yard but since there is not much yard to speak off at the moment, my first focus will be on the house and garage walls. Here a few lamps I´ve peaked at.

I like the simple lanterns that you typically see on barns and farmhouses. I have found more options and styles in the US than I have found online in Sweden, which is expected but unfortunate since I cannot transport lamps just like that across the Atlantic – given different voltage and frequencies.

The lanterns come in different models, one with a bit more modern and a straight line design or a more classic rounded model with light bulbs out and visible or with the bulb covered. I tend to prefer the round and covered ones for some reason.


The lanterns exists in many beautiful colors but most common is surely black, white, silver or bronze. Knowing myself, not bold enough to go with colors.


The bronzy and cooper lamps ad something different and create a warmth that the black, silver and white obviously don´t as much. Not sure its for this house but I at least wanted to show that I´m trying to think outside the black, white and gray bubble I seem to be live in :).


I also wanted to share the 2 lamps below some nice followers where kind enough to recommend. Thank you for that!

frezzoli lamps


Now, I mentioned I tend to stick with my black, gray and white colors – so when I see the image below that checks of most of that, the white facades, black windows and black lamps on top of that…well that sort of does it for me. Why complicate it?

Is it to predictable, too typical of me and too much of the good old black & white or perhaps its just totally right to accomplish that Classic look?



This half moon version above is popular and affordable. We used them in our last summer house so familiar with them but might want something different and new for this house, just because :).

These lanterns above are actually pretty nice, classic but with a modern twist to them. Believe the black one could look really nice, just worried it could be too small (from Eleanor Home).

Here a model from Restoration Hardware, the black version could maybe work.


Before I let you go, a detail in regards to the Porch. The main doors will be centered on the porch so imagining 2 wall lamps on each side but for the rest of the porch ceiling – I am thinking I will move in first but most likely use string lights to create the cozy mozy feeling out there…



That´s all the lighting for today! Please send any tip or recommendation my way.

Have a wonderful week!

Hugs P

Images borrowed from: Rejuvenation, ElleDecor, Pinterest, BetterHomes, RestorationHardware, NormalmsEl,


Another dreamy apartment project in Stockholm

A Swedish real estate company, Alexander White is teaming up with talented interior designers (WallesWalles, DustyDeco), whom happen to be ones that I follow and really admire. Together they create wonderful projects, homes they turn in to showrooms with the goal to promote and of course eventually sell for highest prize possible.  Its really over the top-notch staging. This is their second or third project together, and this apartment today appears to be on a basement level which I am not a fan of, but the interior is still absolutely to die for! If you are in the neighborhood, in Stockholm swing by!


Its a Studio, open floor plan concept which they have filled with a sweet mix of wonderful old and new furniture and cool accessories.  The mix of WallesWalles with DustyDeco is sort of getting the best of 2 worlds and styles! Love the dining table!


This living room space is right up my alley. The cozy super big linen sofas (that you can easily sleep in) as a neutral base and then adding some black contrast furniture and awesome and interesting accessories to that –  It just never gets old.





Love the large photographs, and if we were building a winter house – I could certainly see myself going for something like this.







I love the entrance and this foyer – what a wonderful and warm welcoming! On the roof they seem to have a joint area with a fabulous view of one of my top favorite cities in this world, Stockholm (of course)!






After seeing these pictures, I can´t help but get a little “home” sick. Stockholm is truly very unique with all its islands (over 33000 just around and outside the city) and clean water everywhere.

Hope you liked it! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Hugs P


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