Away from it all

Just had to log in quickly and show this gorgeous farm house that as you can see from the title is apparently located “away from it all”. Getting away from it all is as we all know good for you and especially in times like now when we are racing like “speedy gonzales” trying to manage it all at once. Naturally, we can´t all have escape places like this but I would not say no if someone offered me the keys to this place 🙂

Doesn’t it just look stunning, just like that – by itself.  I found this beautiful home and pictures after jumping from one blog and site to another (@Elenor Cummings site), an American Interior designer.  I am glad to see how she kept the style simple, yet very sophisticated and a bit Scandi-inspired if I may so (probably what draw my attention to this fab white house in the first place). Looks like homes we would find on the wonderful Island of Gotland (I mentioned a few posts ago).


00001 5 hellolovely-hello-lovely-studio-Eleanor-Cummings

00001 5re

Love seeing the concrete floors. As you know, I had it on my initial list for our summer house as well but had to switch after talking to flooring companies that advised me not to…

Using white and gray as the base colors like Elenor has done here is not only smart, but its fresh and timeless. Especially for an escape place like this where I am guessing its all about relaxing and recharging. Adding real vintage wood tables, benches, linen, the rattan furniture and of course the ever so important sisal or jute rugs is just spot on. My style.

If one feels the need to spice it up, (might be repeating myself too much here) adding black furniture and details, also steel creates a bit of drama, makes it feel more modern. And for those who love colors, well thats easily fixed and will look just fabulous as well.

So for summer homes I like the recipe of keeping it basic, clean and working a lot with white, gray and the neutral colors. Then one can always ad and work from there…

Enjoy your day

Hugs P



Speaking of having an escape spot away from it all, I also came across a super cool place in California that I will try to show you tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!

Hugs P

Going back to bed…

Here in Seattle we are still waiting for spring.  A lot of rain and shades of gray lately. Makes me want to crawl back in to bed.

This weather got me thinking about the bedroom in our coming summer house. Being from Sweden, I have a huge craving for light and as much as possible. So, its probably no surprise I prefer light and neutral colored bedrooms. I want it to feel light and relaxed.

residence magazine 2

The bedroom image above has the base that I am looking for. Love the neutral colors, the wood, together with the linen fabric and touch of black. Our bedroom will be similar, but below the things I plan on adding to ours.

I have the same headboard, and the one thing I love is how easy it is to switch out the fabric by using for ex. a linen duvet cover like here and pull it over. Easy to wash and change if you are in the mood for a different color. Mine is currently beige but I will invest in a white one as well from HM Home to alternate with.


I realize linen bedding is trendy now, all blogs are showing it but I can´t help it. I love the wrinkled and casual look, not a fan of fancy or too formal bedding look (especially not in a summer place). And the best part, it gets better and softer after each wash.


Our bedrooms will not be super big so we decided to open the ceiling all the way up on our entire upper level – to make it feel as spacious as possible. Think that will be a nice detail.

For our bedroom we will ad wood floor, my rattan chair and basket. Rattan equals summer for me and is a must-have. I prefer small bedside tables and again, bedroom sets are not for me. I will mix a small shelf with my vintage table on the other side to make it unique. My Tolemeo lamps (Artemide) that I have had for over 10 yrs now will come up.


Those of you who know me, know I am totally crazy about adding green and fresh flowers in as many rooms as I can and as often as I can. I am known to carry around a pair of scissors, cause I just never know when I will run into that perfect branch with my name on it.  Pretty certain I inherited this little obsession from my dear mother.

Even the smallest tree branch in a vase makes any room come alive, its an eye catcher and ads a feminine touch.


I would ad some wall art, not too much but a few pieces. My goal is making sure the colors harmonize with the rest of the room. Prefer the softer art rather than the dramatic and too colorful art in the bedroom.

I love being woken up by the sun, so don´t need block-out blinds but some sort of fabric/curtain would be nice.  I feel I have to see the black windows first and then decide what type of blinds, shades or curtains will match the best.

Other details; we are going for a light white washed colored wood floor. As you know, we will have black windows throughout the house which I am dying to see installed and live. The bedroom walls will be white but we will ad gray into the trims, door and closet.

One thing we have left to decide is choosing closet (style, doors and handles) but I like what they have done in this bedroom. It all harmonizes so beautifully. Maybe a candidate.


Finally, just want to finish off with this image I found on pinterest, since we are on the bedroom subject. Reading the papers and having breakfast in bed always looks so cozy and romantic, right? But in real life its just not super practical nor as easy for that matter… Besides, we have kinda moved on to online paper and replaced the good old fashionable breakfast with way too healthy shakes. But seeing this just made me happy since this is my kind of breakfast style (on weekends at least).

Other days of the week, I am ok with just starting with a good cup of coffee in bed (hint, hint hubby).


That´s all for today my friends. Hope you are having a great week. Thanks for checking in!

Hugs P

Images via: Residence magazine/Artilleriet, Norrgavel, Ellos, Pinterest, Artilleriet, Alvhem.

How can I create this in Mölle…

Yesterday I fantasized about that beautiful summer house in France. I mentioned I had a few more homes under my sleeves that are just too gorgeous to keep to myself. Homes like these bring me so much inspiration for our coming summer house in Sweden. I am totally and utterly in love with this rustic yet modern country home.

Take a look.


Freeze right here. Look at this gorgeous kitchen, the dark colored cabinets and not to mention the FLOOR! As always, love how they mixed rustic with modern.

Building a new summer house like we are doing; one of the challenges is creating the older, rustic but yet modern look. Obviously I can´t compete with an old french country house that has been there for several hundred years but I will certainly try. I get so much inspiration and ideas from homes like this.

My idea of placing limestone or large ceramic tiles in the bottom floor comes from seeing homes from southern Europe. Super practical, low maintenance, durable and on top of that looks fabulous!

What can I copy from this house and paste to our home in Mölle?  A couple of things.

1. Bringing in natural stone and choosing more neutral colors is a great start. It makes it feel calm and relaxing, which is what I want for our summer place.

2.  Adding wood and steel details makes it feel interesting and modern.

3.  Mixing old furniture with some modern touches makes it unique.

4. Lastly, choosing linen fabric, adding rattan furniture and making sure you include plants and fresh flowers is what makes the home inviting and you and friends wanting to come back!

As you know, I am copying the idea with black windows. I think it ads a cool modern contrast and a little drama to all the white.

This ceiling is just too beautiful.

The wood tray detail in this bathroom is fun and also ads warmth.
Of course ours would be filled with stuff and tons of products.
After all, we are 4 girls in this family.


In summary, I think there are ways of creating and enhancing the old french country home feel into completely new built summer homes. It just requires more research and being selective when choosing materials.  Another thing I love about these type of homes is the way they feel simple but yet very luxurious.

Hugs P

Summer plans…

While our new summer house is being built we need to make other plans for this coming summer. The past 5 years, we have been going to our old summer house in Sweden (that we sold in December). Images from that house here.

We are still waiting for the final ok from the county of Mölle, Sweden to approve our building permit. We made adjustments to the garage, since it was to tall. Keeping our fingers crossed it will work. Our builder, Fiskarhedenvillan handles all contacts and meetings which is helpful given we are far away and on a different time-zone.


Not sure about our plans for this summer. We are thinking about spending a few weeks in Sweden followed by exploring a new spot here in the US. While trying to decide, I was looking at sites that rent out homes in Europe, and oh mama – have I found treasures!! – Like this one in the Southwest of France, Hautefage. We have lived in France for several years, so it certainly makes our heart beat a little stronger. Vive la France!

This farm house is over 200 years old and as you can see – beautifully renovated. The best part is that it doesn’t look much from the outside…which makes it an even more wonderful surprise to walk in and see this …


The small town is not beach spot but remember, the South of France is so much more. Its located in a village that offers stunning landscape, is close to the border to Spain and all the mountains and hikes that offers. Also, in the neighbor villages you will find at least 2 star ‘Michelin restaurants or Guide Rouge as they are called today. So expect good food!


Its a contemporary and simple home that mixes the old and new very well. The owners have been picky in what furniture to bring in. I can tell they really care and have a heart for interior design.


Wonderful to see that they kept the original floors and walls. Again, loving the mix of rustic and modern.


Now, who doesn’t love this old leather sofa from Arne Jacobsen?


I could see myself enjoying a glass or two of rosé, the must-have baguette along with the wonderful St Nectaire cheese. Mais oui, need to visit France again soon!




There are so many beautiful countries, spots and homes around the world (but so little time). You might have time and budget to see some of them in your lifetime, and even if you can´t make it there –  I am happy just being able to see them, walk into them like this via images. During that short period, I dream away and picture myself right there. Are you in France right now as well?

Remind me to show you some more summer rentals…
Hugs P


Beautiful images via Welcome Beyond.

Chez moi

I have been meaning to show you pictures from our home here in Seattle for some time now. A few of you have emailed and reminded me. Today I am showing you our dining and connecting living room. I am not the best photographer (not by far), so bear with me if they don´t look all professional and have perfect lighting.

We have done updates in the house during our 5 years here. Most of it is color. Its amazing what new paint can do. It was of course all traditional builders beige, but now white with gray here and there.  When it comes to the interior, I spent time on it the first months but have since then paused. Now, I feel re-inspired and have ideas and a little wish list of things I would love to get my hands on.


I really like our dining room. I want to avoid it feeling to formal. I added my elephant wallpaper to create contrast and play fullness and up to 2 weeks ago that wall also had an art wall gallery but those who read my post “art is an art itself” know I am doing an “inventory” right now and took them down.  Imagine fewer but larger pieces.


The table my awesome husband built a few years back recently got repainted in a nice deep gray and it looks even more fabulous with the wishbone chairs! Love that it easily sits 10-12 people. Underneath that is the Ikea striped rug I have mentioned before.

Actually, one thing I recently added is the lamp from Lambert et Fils. I wanted a ceiling lamp that looked modern, industrial but most importantly did not take over the entire room. I am really happy how this turned out.




I have kept switching places between the dining and living room but having it this way feels right for us and how we use it.


Both rooms have high ceiling and big windows (which I love) but it makes it slightly difficult to get the room to feel really warm. I still like keeping it light, white and hoping that by adding colorful pillows (since I have more black details every where else) helps with that. I would love to replace the sofa chairs one day but haven’t found the ones yet. I thought I´d start with new lighting and adding long curtain drapes, textile on one or both sides of the large window. I have the fabric and plan on pulling out the sewing machine my dear neighbor so kindly borrowed to me a year ago…thats how long I have been thinking about it but no actions. Time to act.


Here is a not so great picture but it at least shows the window I am planning on adding curtains to. What do you think?

My dear hubby and I really use this room and fire place a lot, several evenings a week. Its become our space where we catch up on our day and our sweat kiddos life’s. Love that evening moment.


Here is my favorite, my silly little painting. Its unexpected and people always make  comments and ask if one of our kids have made it.  I am strong believer that you need to ad humor when decorating.


Love my “shaken not stirred” photo, think it goes well next to the butler tray. I am adding a lamp here and right now I got my eyes on a very classic but modern one. Saving up to that. Will of course update you once its in place. I promise to show you the rest of the home another day.

Have a wonderful week & thanks for popping by!

Hugs P



Breathtaking summer home

Want to take you to another magical place in Sweden, Gotland. An island on the Baltic Sea. Not big, but beautiful and also an old Viking place. The main town of Visby (on UNESCOS Heritage site list) is a famous tourist spot during the summer. Also a popular island for vacation homes, and trust me – there are some gorgeous homes on this island.

I have a special “Gotland” folder with tons of pictures I have saved over the years. Today I thought I would show you one house. A home from 1771 that has been beautifully renovated. Love how they have mixed the rustic with modern.


Our plan is also to have a lot of gravel around our summer place. Nothing beats the sound from walking on it with your Swedish leather clogs. It has to be clogs! For me, that is Summer with a big S.



It is a very minimalist home (so I would ad a ton of things here & there) but seeing it this raw and naked is refreshing and so Gotland. It brings all attention to the materials and brings out the natural beauty. No need to complicate it. As always I am a huge fan of how they have mixed the washed lime walls, wood panel, the stone floor together with the modern kitchen below. Hat off.



The cabinet color looks beautiful and goes perfectly with the floor. I am not too keen on the backslash, but I think I could find a way to live with it :)).









If in Sweden, make sure to take a trip over to Gotland!
Recommend going north & staying at Furillen (could do an entire post on just that hotel itself!!!)


Images via EmmaDysell for Fantastic Frank.

Some stripes while we wait…

Sorry for not checking in with you the last couple of days but my days have flown by and before I knew it – new week and my dear hubby’s birthday!

Today we received the first news from the county and it was not too bad. They had remarks about our garage. Apparently the garage is too tall. The current height that we sent in (3.15m) is not outrages (I think!?), its just that the detailed plan for this area was written way way back, when people must have been shorter (I know – aren´t all Scandinavians supposed to be very tall ? :)). Lowering it to the max height (2.5m) will not look as good, aesthetically not match the house, not allow us to have the door on the side, the windows will be very small and we would have to put in manual garage doors (which of course is not the end of the world) but I am keeping my fingers we can meet half way within the next 2 weeks (thats when the next county meeting is). I am hopeful.

Magnus II                                                                   Via SandbergWallpaper

While we deal and wait for that I thought I´d show you some fun interior images. As many of you already know I have always had fun mixing black & white. Especially when it comes to black and white stripes! Timeless. I am not bold enough for entire walls but certainly, cushions, throws, decor and rugs always find their way into our home.

Via Pinterest
0b6885ef39a07878aa3fc779ec37f3e4Wow – some impressive oversized pots! gravity
A fan of this IKEA rug – now a classic´ and in so many homes. My home included. I wonder how many they have actually sold world wide? Anyone?

I would not mind adding the striped helmet and paddle board to our summer house! So cool and Chanel-like!

Adorable little kitchen nook with striped fabric. Feels fresh and not to mention, the open balcony door that makes me long for spring!  I am so ready for spring.

Again here, the IKEA rug. I also placed mine in our dining room together with the black wishbone chairs. Love the contrast and play fullness of the pattern. I really think you can  have fun with stripes. Its just a question how brave and bold you feel like being.


Need to finish off with a “wow” image. I am sure most of you have seen this entire home (been shown on so many blogs) but their outdoor space is just to die for. I love everything about it, the darker pool and of course the black&white striped fabric! (just not sure the palm trees would grow so well in Mölle….;))

Have a great rest of the week!
Hugs P

Images; Gardenista, Colette, decououvrirlendroit, flexinredning, pinterest, SandbergWallpaper, Gravity, JenLangstron.