Finding a builder for our house

Now, we have the lot. Time to evaluate and contact builders! We built with Götenehus in Stockholm many years ago, so we knew them. The difference this time around, is that we are building a summer house for our family of 5 (but usually always 7), and not a permanent house. A summer home is used a little differently, our needs will be different. For example, we don’t necessarily need traditional bedrooms with a desk etc, its more about getting in the right nr of beds, more built-in bunk beds and smaller bedrooms in general. That´s just one example.

I went online and through the list of registered builders in Sweden. Didn´t know there were so many ! We easily cut down the list to 6 – Karlsons Hus, Trivselhus, Myresjöhus, FiskarhedenVillan, Götenehus, Faluhus. I emailed them all, explained what we were looking for. Identified one home from each that I preferred and asked for a first price indication just to get a sense of level… Here are some homes we peaked at & liked:

I eventually ended up not continuing with Karlsons, Faluhus and Götenehus for different reasons. Now, down to 3 builders.

It was time to peal off another layer. I sent them each a floor plan idea, our demands, must-haves and asked if each could accommodate and match that and for what cost (tried to be very specific and detailed). We identified some important parts that mattered to us; cost, floor plan and a turn-key contractor (given we live 8000 kilometers away and cannot be there to monitor and guide or yell ;)). A lot of emailing back and forth, several floor plan sketches before we nailed it down to 2, then 1 – just one day before Xmas! Yay, feel we did good, we did a thorough evaluation, but worked efficiently for 1o days! Will be back soon with some hints of floor-plans and house… stay tuned!

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