First things first….

We have been looking to buy a summer house in Mölle over the years, not super actively but in periods. We just didn´t seem to find a match. The thought of building one instead grew on us. We have experience from building a permanent home a few years back and we actually have a very positive experience from that so the idea didn´t scare us. Now, there aren´t many lots for sale in Mölle, so when we came across this little corner we thought long and hard. The former owners had been sitting on it for over 50 years, hoping one of their children would want it but no (lucky us)! Can´t imagine what they paid for the lot back then! In December of 2016, we finally became owners of this lot/jungle! Yay – we are so excited and we are of course soo looking forward to this process (even though it will be tricky being so far away).

Here is a pic of what it looks like today,  very au-naturel and jungle-like, right?  Well, lets say we got some work to do – we need a well charged excavator! I also added a pic of what is to become our little place to dive in a few hundred meters down the street. Gotta prepare some Xmas stuff and food, but more to come!


2 thoughts on “First things first….

  1. God fortsättning. Tack för inbjudan till detta spännande projekt.Det kommer att bli kul att följa.Grattis🏡🛠🔦⌛️🔑


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