Plans to build

Now to the detailed and fun plan! The floor plan! I feel I have gone over it a thousand times (at least in my head) trying to make sure the flow is right and the spaces are used wisely. I have already made changes to this current one, but here is an idea so you guys can follow. Once in place, we will work on doing built-in closets, bookshelves, bunk-beds etc – all to ad more character and create a more “old” touch to a very new house. What do you think?


Some background facts;

We can build a 2-story home with a total building area of (120 kvm/1292 sqf). We are also allowed to build a separate garage (30 kvm) and a smaller house/friggebod (20 kvm) on top of that. So overall, a generous plan for being in Mölle (my American friends are going, Qué? – that´s not big! ))

We are going for a home around 160 kvm/1744 sqf in total, which will be more than twice the size we had in our previous summer house a few minutes from there. It feels gigantic already and I can see myself practicing cart wheels in there )). Ok, so we want 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a nice social & hang area. Our focus and priority has been: the entrance, the kitchen and of course our American porch! Here is one mood board to get you on board.c0c75696b9bcd35597a2e18b8201e510strenghielm_bjorn-5

I realize its a lot of inspiration pictures from Pinterest, esny, Sandberg, but its how I operate or at least how I get started. More to come of course, bare with me these Xmas holiday…. Santa is calling at the same time! Hugs P

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