How to chose facade color

I have spent time thinking about the exterior color of the house, and I have to admit that I am not the boldest person when it comes to colors. I tend to go very safe (or boring in some eyes perhaps)). The color palette I know best is gray, black and white. I might be slightly more bold when it comes to choosing accents for the inside, but I do think I will play it safe when choosing the exterior color of the house. Also, I want to match and melt in to the neighborhood homes.

If I look at our 3 closest neighbors surrounding our lot, there is a gray house to the right, white & black house to the left and a nice white house just in front of us. None behind us…so given my palette I sure picked the right street :)).

I want a classic look, traditional but not romantic. A somewhat sophisticated look with a modern twist to it, does that make any sense? We chose wood panel on the exterior even though it would probably be better with stucco given wind + water but its more expensive.

As an FYI, aside from white & black, here are colors that I am drawn to. If I need to pick a more “bright color”, then for sure green is my favorite one!

Pic fr Better Home & Garden

At the moment, I am leaning towards an exterior of:

1) white house with black windows, black or dark gray roof and medium dark gray doors.
2) light gray house with white trims/windows, medium gray doors and a black/gray roof
3) white house with white windows, black or dark gray doors and roof





The black windows is something that I have picked up after our years here in the US, I see it on different sites and in magazines. I am hoping the black windows would ad depth and make it more interesting. I know and realize that in Sweden its all about the white, light and fresh (which it is) but I was hoping this could be that modern twist to the traditional summer house. What do you think, crazy idea or good idea?

Pics from Pinterest, Trivselhus, Fiskarheden, Fiskarheden (villakallgren)

Luckily, I still have time before I need to decide this. Starting the thinking process early can´t hurt, can it?  I will most likely get back to you regarding this, a few more blog posts but this is where I am right now. Thank you for checking in and following my blog. Have a great week/P

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