Porch or Balcony

Our lot is located only 2 streets up from the water, with some luck potential water view from the 2nd floor. We bought our lot as a complete jungle, we can literally not take more than a few steps in there so its impossible for us to confirm view or no view but I am hopeful (guessing 60% chance of some form of view). Before buying the lot we knocked on the next door neighbor and asked if we could see their view from their 2nd floor. Their house is located slightly further back than ours would, also they have more homes in front of them so the view will not be the same but at least it gave us an idea and we are hopeful.

66124446925122116886f225f5d9367b Pic Pinterest

When we first started to think about the house, we had our eyes set on the Myresjö house with the long balcony (right pic below). After some time, we left the balcony idea and started to think about adding an American porch instead. At the moment we are leaning towards a porch but it certainly is one of those decision we need to nail now.

A balcony would must likely ad to the view more and in some ways could ad to future sales value. Who knows. Myresjö´s house to the right has a nice balcony and looks very symmetrical. However, the porch is just not big enough to make use of it and making it bigger would just take too much of the allowed area and create a very big balcony and I cannot see ourselves really use that balcony. At the most I would perhaps “air our bed sheets”up there…so in conclusion it is more pretty than filling our needs.

I came across the Fiskarhedenvillan (left pic above) and I started to think about how much we love porches, how we said we would love one….so we changed our minds and asked the builders to quote us on that instead. Turns out the cost is more or less the same (porch slightly cheaper). The only sad thing is that we cannot create a “wrap around porch” since we would have to take too much of our total allowed building area…

0551adedeed824c5be43be1a50800d9a Pic Houzz
7393f7eccb84ada796280b196e4bdc35 Pic Pinterest

We can still create a good size porch and comfortably sit 8+ around a table as well as have a comfy/lounge sitting area on the other end. I can really see us having the big window/doors open and extending the downstairs space. I realize the Swedish summers are not the same as the Southern living and how they use their porches, we will most likely need both blankets and heaters while sitting late out on the porch but hey, I gotta stay naive and romantically positive. The world is unfortunately getting warmer isn´t it, and we will still be able to see the view through the windows? So porch before balcony it is – hope we are making the right decision.

capturexxx Pic VillaKallgren


elledecor2 Pics from Houzz

Now before I check out, I just thought I would update you on the process. The builder have started to create the construction sketches and we should have them by 2nd week of January. Once we finalize them we can send in the building permits to the county and really get started, super exciting! Stay tuned, will need your input on house placement and overall lot planning next!



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