Heart of the house

Now to the most important room, the heart of the house – the Kitchen! Like all families, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, we work from home/the kitchen, we love cooking, having friends over for dinner and the kitchen always becomes the hang area until late hours. So, this space needs to be right and cozy. The criteria´s we have so far:

  • We want one big dining table just outside the kitchen (connecting) and in the kitchen space we want to create a small bench & mini round table.
  • A clean island (no bar stools) just a nice area for work, chopping, placing food…
  • I want the fridge, freezer and pantry to be in a space of its own between kitchen and laundry room (our coming drawings will explain it better). A sort of old fashioned “serveringsgång” in Swedish/a passage so its not visible as much in the kitchen.
  • We don’t want upper cabinets in general, but one display cabinet from floor to ceiling where we can store all porcelain on one side.
  • Would love to ad a unique stove & kitchen fan (anyone familiar with the brand)?
  • We hope to afford a nice stone, carrara marble, concrete, quartz, silestone as countertop…(guess we have to save in on something else 🙂
  • Still not sure what color to chose for cabinets; white, gray or petroleum blue. I have always had light gray and white kitchens in my life..hmm… or if we want cabinets with raised panel, plain or a mix?

Here are some kitchen pictures from Pinterest, Ballingslöv, Esny, twwp that inspire me.

Before I log out I want to share our idea of creating a small divider between sitting area and kitchen in some way. Its an open floor plan but I want to separate the 2 different areas. I love the steel/glass combinations below but most likely it will be cheaper to do it with wood/glass. Below images to give you an idea what I am trying to accomplish, cool right?

Pic from Esny, Ikea, Pinterest

So, as you can see I still have a lot to decide and finalize but if there is one room that I am willing to put in extra time and money on – its the kitchen for sure!  Wish me luck that I will see it clearer when its time to sit down with the kitchen architects… open to comments!




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