Sold our old summer house

To buy the lot and build in Mölle Sweden, we needed to sell the summer house we have had in a close by town. A house we loved deeply. The house was small but we still managed to fit us 5 as well as guests and constant sleep overs without any problems. We have had our eyes set on the town Mölle for years but where waiting for the right time. Now was the time! It was sad to let the summer place go, after all we spent a lot of time, work and sweat on this place. It was our little paradise, a place we could go to when we needed our Swedish dose, and to be with family and friends. We hope our next house will be as wonderful and enjoyable!

I thought I would share pics of what part of our old place looked like. The house was over 100 years old so we did a full make-over from head to toe. I feel we did a good job! Now, I am looking forward to fit in some of the old furniture into the new house. I hope the mix of new stuff & some oldies will work!



Pics from Hemnet

I am looking forward to 2017 – love the feeling that we are starting fresh, new year, new ideas, new opportunities and hopefully a new summer house by the end of this year!


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