Details, details

Building a home is a lot of work and is a process that takes time.

Don´t get me wrong. I am really excited and happy to be building a summer house from scratch. It is a dream come true, a dream that means work and deciding on a lot of details.  There are just so many small details to consider that it gets a little overwhelming.  I have a tremendous passion for interior design and I feel I have a good idea of what we want but yet as I am online searching for inspiration and products, I still manage to find new and more ideas. I have to admit, there are times I feel like making a quick decision just to get it over with and move on to the next decision on the list. After all, its “just” a summer house we are building so I need to remind myself to keep it simple and on budget! However in the end, I do think that small details matter and can make a difference – so it´s worth spending the time.

Today as I was trying to go through everything, I realized that there is still a lot of details we need to take decisions on. I also noticed that I must have a better system to gather and write down all details of materials and such so I don´t forget anything as we move along. Obviously we have an excel sheet to monitor costs but I think a mood/project document for each space and room would be helpful. Here are some example of details we decided on (my husband will read about them here..haha)

The entrance is a priority for us. It sets the tone, the first impression and I want the experience to be a wow as well as a very welcoming feeling. We decided on a similar entrance as above, with open to ceiling and a balcony around the opening. It gives it a spacious feeling. Our stairs will face down to the dining room instead of like image, to the entrance. I think the balcony ads an American touch, which we like like.

We don´t really need big bedrooms in our summer house, instead we thought of adding these smart and cozy built-in bunk beds in one of the rooms. I can see our daughters enjoying that. Pics from Pinterest and Atlanta Homes.


Another detail we will ad is this built-in book shelf. This is a must have! I not only love the actual color but the fact that its filled to the top with books & magazines. I am not a fan of bookshelves that are decorated with fancy objects and books that have never been read, this is more my cup of tea. Wouldn´t you love to look for your summer read from these shelves? Picture borrowed from Alcro Trend.

These where my details of the day. Now I will get started on that mood board!


Top 5 images borrowed from; Tretowdeco, Pinterest, Darryl Carter, Residence magazine, Alcro Trend


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