Welcome in!

Keeping track of what I want to create & chose for each room requires multi tasking, which is a quality I think I possess (at least used to). Just to be safe I will write it down, room for room. So, I came up with the idea of a “house tour”. Well, let´s call it an “imaginative tour” since we haven´t started building yet :)) Pretend you are coming over for dinner and today you will see what I picked for the entry.

Welcome in & grab a drink!

As usual I will pick a warm gray color for trims, stairs with crispy white walls (can´t go wrong with that). To make my brother extra happy, I will ad a Sandberg Wallpaper on one of the walls, think it ads a nice pop. I want to believe I will be brave and chose a big pattern but we´ll see…

I am placing big dark gray tiles as floor, it ads a masculine touch + can handle kids running in & out. Wouldn’t mind it in the entire bottom floor (note to myself to check price).

I have always believed that the key is mixing materials and styles, I just think it makes a home more interesting. My dad who has been in the antique business got me hooked on auctions sites early in life so I have collected and “won” some good pieces over the years. I feel like I finally get to bring the furniture to life and give them a nice spot in this new house.  I can’t wait to carry in my old butcher bench, put up some modern art and statement pieces in this space. I envision it already!

The left picture is the closest I could find on Pinterest that resembles our plan when it comes to stairs, the balcony above & around the opening. Just picture it slightly wider, gray trims and big gray tiles! To the right side of the foyer, we have a powder room and a built in closet with my nice hooks from Anthropologie.

That my friends, is the end of today´s tour, hope you liked it.  Have a great week!

Pics above borrowed from one of my favorite stores in Sweden; Artilleriet. Tile pic; Konradsson.

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