We got a green light

Today I thought we would take a drive in my car through green lane! It has probably not escaped you that green is the trend color for 2017 and I am all for it! For me green is all about spring, healthy juices, growth and nature – so of course I welcome all of that into our new house! Green has always been the color I add on details for some pop and warmth to all my white, gray and black! For once, I have been ahead of a trend (how often does that happen :)).

First stop is this velvet sofa from Anthropologie, which I love. I would probably pick it in leather but this green velvet just feels so elegant. I had to share it today!

I don´t know about you, but I always switch out, move pillows around depending on mood and season but this pillow from Svenskt Tenn is a classic and is still a keeper (even after 10 yrs). One good buy for the books I suppose. Would love to bring in this lamp from House Doctor, just haven´t figure out where yet…

Finally I get to show you this bedroom picture that I have had filed for years. There is something so timeless and fresh about this space that I love and the wallpaper has been a favorite of mine for a loong time. Now that I know where to get it, I think my top pick wallpaper finally gets to come home with me and our summer house. Funny enough, I have the exact same drawer, lamp and a similar chair – sounds to me, it´s meant to be! I also wanted to show you this kitchen I found (@Desiretoinspire), love how the deep green cabinets pop extra to that white and brass.

Obviously color trends come and go a bit but personally I think green is a warm and an exciting color that I love to include in our home. Also I think it goes so well with gray, black and white! How do you feel about the color, GO green?  (I hope so).

That´s the end of my drive today. Time to park the “in my dreams” car outside the house in Mölle. Hubby, if you read this (make a note to buy a lottery ticket again today on your way home :)).


Wish you all a green & healthy rest of the week !!!


Pic of white sofa fr Ingerstedt. Pic green lamp fr Artilleriet. Bedroom pic fr SkonaHem.  Car pic from airows.

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