Huge craving

After seeing my friends new chairs from Sweden last week (pic below), I felt a craving and haven´t been myself after that. Today it´s all about my Cognac addiction!

italian-bark2 1.

I have always had a crush on cognac/nature colored leather, and don´t ask me why I haven´t brought it in to our house? It´s crazy, adding it to the top of my list.

I should let the pictures speak for themselves, but I gotta say “Oh my”, how smooth and perfectly it goes to the Scandinavian colors and especially the gray. The best part of it all, the leather ages naturally, beautifully and stains ARE welcomed.

Here in the US, I see more of the dark brown leather, but I am raising my voice for the lighter color. Ad a pop of green somewhere & voilá, La Perfection!

I realize the images show famous Danish designers (Arne and Poul – first name basis…;) that are pricey, but one can dream right?

The chairs my friend bought come from this place here. WestElm has a similar one. If you want to start with a small leather detail, how about this handle for drawers etc..

So how and where does it come in to our summer place? I am thinking either a leather armchair by the fire place, some odd chairs, a leather cushion for the kitchen nook would ad a nice mix of materials. Please remind me later!


Do you understand my craving and crush?


Pics; 1)Italian barsk 2) sfgirlbybay 3) Decor dots 4) my domaine 5) dulcis dumus 6) seventeen doors residence magazine 7) farrow-ball 8) Decorpad


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