The Story of Mölle

Our construction drawings should be done any day now. While we wait I thought I´d tell you about Mölle, where we´re building our summer house. It´s a small fishing village on the south west coast of Sweden, also known as “Mölle by the sea”. wp_20150718_001
Around 1890 Mölle was really put on the map, when this idyllic fishing village got a new hot attraction that would make it famous far beyond Sweden’s borders. The first place where men AND women could bathe together. It was completely new at that time, and was considered a little sinful! Imagine, people from all over traveled a long way to experience this free bathing life in little Mölle! There where even direct trains from Berlin to Mölle! At it´s peak there where over 50,000 yearly visitors.
This is the old bathing spot (Ransvik). The coffee house was built 1820 to offer visitors a cup of coffee along with their sponge in the water. Still a popular place.
Mölle is surrounded by a fantastic nature reserve called Kullaberg which is varied with steep cliffs and slopes towards the sea, exciting caves, plenty of hiking trails, kayaking, scuba diving. On top of Kullaberg you have a stunning golf course, and further down my favorite tennis courts, also known as my second home ;).

There are a few hotels, The Grand Hotel is probably the most popular one, located high up with a nice restaurant and a fabulous view!

Falling in love with Mölle is easy. The gorgeous nature, the beautiful old homes, the narrow streets and every morning you see people walking down in their robes and clogs for their daily swim (regardless of water temp).  That morning swim before breakfast is an important ritual. Today some 700 people live in Mölle, during summer it goes up to 2200 (soon to be 2205)!

The old fire station is now a great restaurant & shop! Open all year. A favorite.

The thing I love about Mölle, is that it still has the fishing village vibe and is not too commercialized. Our summer days here are super easy going, the most difficult decisions we face, what to make for dinner and do we need more rosé? As you can imagine, difficult one´s!!

It is a very different life from the one we live in Seattle, and we feel extra strong about giving the Swedish experience to our 3 daughters. I hope we are giving them the best summer memories ever here. They love coming back (and we even got 2 teenagers ;). The same summer friends meet and hang year after year. They just wonder off with their friends as soon as we touch down and they check back when they need money or are hungry…

I could go on and on about this little paradise….but can´t give everything away. Thank you for tuning in and a warm welcome to my new followers. I am truly honored!

Have a wonderful week!

Pics from Pinterest, and some my daughters took…

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