No disturb zone….

Today we got the construction drawings for our new summer house and it looks good! I can´t wait to share them. I keep staring at them, making sure I am not missing anything. Since we are building 8000km away, I wanna get it right.

Today I started to think about the relaxing part of what a summer house is all about. Maybe the fact that I just booked a week in the sun got me all thinking about the importance of finding a special spot in the home where you can relax and recharge. Just the summer house itself is relaxing, but I´m also thinking of that cozy room or special spot in the house.

Having a “no-disturb/silent zone” as I call it is important for a home, and especially in a summer house when its all about how to unwind, leaving work and stress out of there. It´s a zone, room or it could just be a comfortable chair where you plunge through your summer books, kids watch Netflix :)), you can reflect & dream away or where you take that well needed 30min siesta/nap. I don´t know about you, but we like to have a spot like that in our home and we usually end up fighting over it!

I can see myself reading & reflecting in all of these places and day-beds! However, I prefer a space where the cushions are not too perfectly “puffed”. I wanna be able to crash down and not worry about wrinkling.

So, as am staring at our floor plan, I think I found the spot for this in our new house to. Will show you later. Tell me, do you have a no-disturb zone in your house?

Thanks for checking in today. Enjoy your day, best part of it all – Weekend is here!
Hugs P

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