Eating with a twist

I thought I would walk further in to the house and show my visual for the dining/eating area. It is a summer house and I don´t want it to be over-formal so I chose to call it eating area rather than fancy dining. It´s an important space we use a lot (remember, Swedish summer doesn’t always allow us to eat outdoors :)). The eating area is in the center of the house, so a center attention for sure! Here images that inspire me (image source below).

I want it to feel inviting, warm and yet interesting. I prefer mixing table with different chairs (matching dining room sets tend to look over-formal in some cases).Mixing is a great way of making it feel more lived-in.
The images I chose today inspire me in different ways, the chairs, the rustic table or just the overall vibe and mix in the room. Dare to mix styles, real antiques with modern pieces and why not also high-end with low-end. Just go for it! Remember, design it for your family, with the things you all love!

I believe every space requires something with personality as well as history, and so does the eating area. So some of the furniture I have in mind for our summer house is in storage right now and I can´t share them but for example, I have a big old durable farmers table, a mix of traditional chairs (below) and some rattan chairs that will blend perfectly. I need to ad 2 modern chairs or use the industrial stools below along with a modern piece to give it that interesting twist. As “icing on the top” I have 2 old lamps from a factory in Texas that we have been holding on to for YEARS. I have a feeling they will find a new home in Mölle!

Before I let you go I want to show you my old time favorite dining spots that in my view – are really SPOT ON!!!
….oh, how I want to move the clock forward and start to decorate our summer house!
Patience is not my strongest side 🙂

Hugs P
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Residence, Esny, Sekelskifteskok_modernt
Sebbem instagram, flow flooring
Blood and champagne, Architectural Digest
Ingeliselille, Architectural Digest
3 own pics



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