How about that drink now?

Perhaps some of you remember I promised a welcome drink as we did the tour of our future entry a few weeks ago. Someone commented that I forgot the drink (no names :)). So I better keep my promise and make sure my readers stay happy. On the drink menu today is a mango mojito, a rasberry mojito and of course the classic mojito for those who don´t want the healthy fruity stuff. Cheers, It’s Friday after all!

We plan to have a lounge area connected to the eating area. I visualize comfy lounge chairs, big rug and a fire place. I promise I a somewhat tour or mood board. I am down In Palm Springs, California right now and it got me thinking about where to put the old fashion butlers trolley or cabinet for wine, liquor bottles and glasses. I think it ads a fun and inviting touch. I am not a huge fan of drinks & liquor (love wine though) but I like displaying the bottles! We love to entertain and I know this will be appreciated among friends. I love the idea “help yourself”!


The 2 last pictures are my favorites. I almost kinda want go get myself a drink after all!

I was going through our furniture in my head and I have an old cabinet from 1896 that was a gift from my parents when I turned 30. It could be an option for the butler”(unfortunately don’t have a good picture of it now),  I also have a small drink tray table but I was curious to see if I can use one of my old black trunks from a Seattle antique shop I shipped to Sweden years ago. Similar to the 2nd image. I have kept them in the basement and have been close to getting rid of them. I might see if I can give them new life with legs or a standing, before deciding if they should stay or go. I am not convinced it will fit with the rest of the furniture but who knows, maybe it will become that unique piece the room needs?

I love having the options.

I am enjoying a long weekend here in fabulous Palm Springs, and mama mia there are some nice homes here. Super cool architecture! Of course I forgot my camera but I will try to capture some with my phone…

Enjoy your weekend. A refill anyone?


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2 thoughts on “How about that drink now?

  1. Dude,i just saw this, love anything with bar carts, bar tables. Signature Hardware has great stuff, visions, cool stuff, I’m sure you already know this though.


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