Creating the floor plan

In the final process of choosing our builder and house, we talked to both Fiskarhedenvillan and Trivselhus. Honestly, we really liked both but we chose Fiskarhedenvillan based on costs, getting a custom built house and the connection with the sales representative. It doesn’t hurt that my parents live next to their offices, in case we need to pull strings or drop off some home baked cookies to help things move faster ;).

The building permit is now in the hands of the County but we still have a few weeks to make smaller adjustments. I will share the exterior once I have the later version but today I thought I would walk you through our floor plan ideas.

Below is the original floor plan of the house we chose. We needed to shrink the house quite a bit to stay within allowed square feet. 2nd image shows all our changes!
freSo, we have tried to create a floor plan that suites our needs and summer lifestyle. Our needs are slightly different, for ex, we don´t need big bedrooms nor a big laundry room and the social areas are important. We prioritize the entrance, the kitchen and the porch!

So, a few highlights for the downstairs…

  1. The entrance sets the first impression of the home so we want it to feel open, warm and interesting. We moved the stairs from the main door (to avoid stepping on shoes etc), and instead its facing down directly to the social area. We are opening the ceiling all the way up. I think it ads a dramatic, and an American touch with the balcony around it.
  2. We decided to give the powder room and closet some privacy. Don´t like seeing the bathroom door open & close from the dining room and even the jackets and the pile of shoes will be hidden to the right. We will use the space under stairs for storage.
  3. The kitchen is a little bigger and you cannot see it all in detail here but we will ad a sitting nook, cool cabinet and place the fridge, refrigerator and pantry on the side towards the laundry room. Its like an old fashioned Swedish “serverings-gång/butlers way”. I added a sliding door into the laundry room for more space.
  4. We chose high big windows towards the porch for more light and to create a better flow between the out- and inside. I like the open floor plan but I still feel I want to separate the different spaces in different ways and I´m currently trying to figure out how to best do that.
  5. We hardly watch TV during the summer, so we chose to use our little corner living room for that as well. I have high hopes for this space. In here we will have our built-in book shelves, the reading area and between that and some art I will place/hide the ugly TV. I need to remember to show you some good ideas to make the TV less visible.I hope we thought it all through!Unfortunately we have a little infirmary going on at home, a cold that has been bugging us for too long now! I need to log out, get some rest but I promise to show you the upstairs floor plan as well!

    Have a wonderful week!
    Hugs //P

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