TV camouflage

I promised I would show you some ideas on how to make the TV disappear a little. I am not a huge fan of TVs in general and I certainly have never enjoyed having to incorporate and blend it in to the decor. For our coming summer house, I plan on making it as invisible as possible.  Here are some ideas that I think work.


I love how they blend the black box into the wall along with the art. Fools the eye.


Now, I love the vibe of this room, so warm and inviting. I also think they did a terrific job with hiding the TV on that stand. It took me a couple of seconds to figure it out.
Hiding the TV in a cabinet is also a great idea, that way you really only see it when you feel like watching TV. I suppose it works for people that seldom watch TV and in rooms like a study or a guest room.

I know my friends here in the US are all about big TVs and their media rooms, so I suppose this post doesn’t make any sense to them :). Sorry, but big TVs are just not my thing…

Having a TV in the bedroom has never occurred to us. Feels like it would destroy the romance haha 🙂 but after seeing this pic & gorgeous decor I might reconsider.


In the image below they use a trunk as TV table and for those who follow me know that I have old trunks that I am trying to bring back to life..?

If you really want the TV to disappear, painting the entire wall behind it in black like they did in these last images is really a good TV camouflage. Do you agree?

These where my TV tips of the day, hope you like them!

Hugs P

Images from Pinterest.

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