Going up – 2nd floor

I never showed you the upstairs floor plan in my last post. Here is a before and after in case you want to see and follow our changes from the original house plan of Fiskarhedenvillan, Rödhaken that we based our house on. We shrunk it down some 25% since we have to stay within allowed square feet on our lot in Mölle, so our bedrooms got smaller and we moved the stairs. All the changes and our latest floor plan in image #2.

So as you can see we kept the overall plan. I felt the need to move the stairs since I want to avoid the collision with the main door and all the shoes my dear kiddos, their friends and husband tend to leave (they have other good qualities ;)).  Our house will be around 162kvm in total on 2 levels. We just made the decision to open the ceiling all the way up for the upstairs. Of course it comes with a cost but we hope and think it will be worth it. I am worried that we are starting to ad on more features and our budget won´t like it in the end. Is there one thing you can be sure of, its that things and cost seem to go up…not down for some strange reason 😉 and I haven’t even started with the kitchen yet. Oh dear.

A few highlights for the upper floor plan;

1.We replaced the extra room + balcony that was on the original plan (backside) with a big wide porch instead (2.6 x 9.5 meter), a little deeper than this image. I wrote a post earlier about us choosing between balcony or porch, but we are happy and excited about this “American Porch”. A porch suites our needs more than a balcony.

2. Opening the ceiling all the way up for the upstairs (except the bathroom & sauna). I think it will ad a cool feature and especially in one bedroom where we plan on built-in bunk beds. The top beds&sleepers won´t hit their heads + more space to stretch n breath…

3. When moving the stairs, we created a balcony around the opening that I think gives an American touch to it. It made me think of a library, imagine bookshelves up there that you can see from below. I also imagine a “wow” lamp hanging from the top ceiling. Have no idea what lamp though …yet! Suggestions welcomed!

4. We decided on a sauna in the house. Our original plan was to have it in an ad-on house but I think having it in the main house is better in the long run…we´ll use it more that way

That is all I can think of for the upstairs. Can´t wrap my head around the fact that its Friday (again) – wasn´t it just Monday??? Have a wonderful weekend!

Hugs P


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