I just have to show it…..

I realize it doesn´t have anything to do with our summer house but I need to show and share the pictures from this gorgeous apartment that is for sale now in Stockholm. It belongs to one of Sweden’s super stylists, the one and only, Lotta Agaton. Her homes are always huge hits on social media, so I am sure many of you have already seen pictures but now you get a chance to see the entire apartment. She has fabulous taste and her eye for details is impressive.

To see the rest of the pictures, go the Real Estate ESNY who is selling the property. If you are planning to buy it….make sure you get all the furniture and decor!! 🙂

Hugs P

One thought on “I just have to show it…..

  1. Hi P

    Don’t you just think when you see places like this that “I am a nice person and why can’t I live in a place like that.” Just remember tho that your darling little cottage will be a hundred times better!! And it will be all you!!! xo >


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