Exterior look

Just quickly checking in with you this Saturday evening Seattle time to show you the facade sketches. First the original facade from Fiskarhedenvillan/Rödhaken, followed by sketches of our future summer house. We switched out the balcony and created a long and deep porch instead.  Aside from that we made smaller changes,  we added bigger windows, we increased the ceiling height and an important detail to us was shortening the “roof base” (tak foten in Swedish). I am not sure what the proper English word is for that but it basically means we want to narrow the roof over hang, to be more aligned with the facade.

Our skecthes below:

I have shown this image before but it is the house that inspired me to contact our builder, Fiskarhedenvillan. This home was built in Finland some time ago and it really spoke to us and we could imagine it as our summer house in Mölle.

The majority of the homes in the summer town we are building in are 1,5 level homes so we will be one of the few 2 leveled ones but since we are not building very big I think it will melt in with the homes on our street and surrounding neighbors. Also, we don´t have any homes behind us so I suppose that is why 2 levels is allowed, we are not blocking any views.

The changes that we will be making from the so called “Finnish home”are;

– Making the porch slightly deeper
– Our house will be white with black windows

– The image shows how their roof “hangs out” further from the facade on all sides. We have made it more narrow with minimal overhang. We think it ads a little modern touch and is an aesthetically detail that we like.

– A garage will be added on the left side
– Future greenhouse will be placed on the right hand side (hopefully year #2)

That´s all for tonight, but I will be back tomorrow with some more inspirational ideas.
Hugs P

One thought on “Exterior look

  1. Hi P I love your idea of making the balcony deeper – You can’t have a balcony too big! And I love the windows being black – so Swedish!! And for the windows…I think it is important to make more/or bigger windows for the light where ever you can. It just makes everyone happier!! We actually added several extra (and bigger) windows and doors to our house and we have always been happy with our decision.

    One more thing: In several of our houses we added a shelf outside the kitchen window (where I spend most of my time) I put 3 pots of flowers so I can always see beauty when I am working. This…makes me happy!! xo >


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