The secret is in the mix

Being a native Swede and from Scandinavia, design, trend and antiques is sort of in my DNA.  It just is. I blame /thank my parents for their interest and eye for antiques and details that was passed down to me and got me started on the hunt for treasures. In my beginning years my wallet size was limited so I scouted the thrift shops, flea markets (this was before online auctions existed) trying to find the hidden Picasso. Now, 25 years later I still obviously haven´t found the Picasso but a nice collection of furniture and things have found its way to our storage. I am excited to bring them all together to life.

As most Scandi´s I have gone through the minimalism design, the crispy white, the black & white, the Joseph Frank and of course the different shades of gray. The beauty now at my ++ age is the nice MIX of styles and furniture I can ad to our summer house.

Its become a mantra of mine, but mixing styles, antiques with modern, colors and materials that you perhaps would not think of pairing together “normally” makes things more interesting in my view, more relevant, unique and creates something totally new. Pick an antique furniture, a modern art piece – make it the focal point. The mix and match takes practice and time to get just right but as you can see in images below it works even better if you keep it simple. I am all for simplicity.

I´m extra excited to share today´s images, that show fabulous spaces where they in my opinion have nailed it, nailed the mix of styles. Yet keeping it simple & fresh. BRAVO!


Images above Pinterest, all confirm you don´t need to over do it. Just a few things that stick out, very good pieces though!
2 images above from Laserow Antiques, NY.  Simple and true Nordic beauty.

Now, Looove the 4 above – the old drawer, the desk with black accent/decor is just SPOT ON!
The old chair from Garbo Interiors, the rest Pinterest. Mama Mia – I want!

c5cb35fb8d586cfbb2ba2335f31ea610 This is an old classic but I still love the combo of Göteborgs”chairs & that TABLE! mynottinghill-blogspot
Now this image I found at mynottinghill.blogspot and I totally agree with her, it shows a mature, intelligent mix and beauty. Just Fab!
5ce4d1c8c54b8aeb1e69600cf4101dbfFinishing it off with this one fr Pinterest – wouldn´t mind finding the chair and frame on my next auction!

I could go on and on, show you image after image but Super Bowl is on now and I have to pretend to be a little interested and join everyone in the TV room. I just had to share this with you first!

Welcome to all my new followers, as always – I am honored!
Hugs P

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