Being selective

When it comes to decorating in general I lately lean towards the “less is more” attitude. I avoid trying to squeeze in to much in one space, too much furniture and even too many small decor objects. A good piece needs its own space to shine! I think being selective is key.

So as I am going through how to decorate our summer house; I am trying to be selective and thoughtful in deciding what to bring in from our storage as well as identify new pieces that I would love to get my hands on for Mölle. My goal is always to try to get the house and rooms to harmonize without them necessarily looking the same. I want to be able to move furniture to another room if I feel like it. If the home harmonizes that is easier to do.

Now, for the living room and spaces I want the white and neutral to be the base. It needs to feel clean, light, calm and warm. Hopefully the images below will give you a good idea of what I want to create & achieve.
Here is a room that appeals to me. Its calm, fresh, airy and yet inviting. I adore the large antique rug and of course THAT table! This type of rug requires neutral and a lot of white in the rest of the room. I think they certainly made it work here!

We have 2 living room spaces downstairs, one in immediate open connection to the dining area and then a small corner room where we plan to have a TV and library. For the first area we have the fire place so I picture a mix of cozy lounge chairs (around my black coffee table I got my eyes on here, a real “must have”, see below). I will bring in my old cabinet from 1800s that will be used as a “butlers drink area”, add some cool art on the walls, bring in some fun lighting and we are “almost” good to go.

To complete the look, the space needs “rattan furniture. Nothing beats combining rattan loungy chairs with fabric sofas/chairs, a super classic summer look. I have “won” a few on auctions so I´ll just ad the fancy pillow from Room and the space will feel fresh and cozy.

Ikea launched this new fabric chair that I really like (in stores Feb) that I will invest in for the living room. Affordable, fits with the design and as you know super easy to wash if needed. I will throw in our sisal rug along with some green touches (have a bunch of olives and fig trees my dear brother is babysitting while our house is being built) that will ad a healthy and warm green wave to the room.
captureJust thought I´d show the sketch of the 2 open spaces. As I mentioned, the corner room will be used as the TV room with a white durable couch, some odd cool chairs, a few small side tables and of course my “must” built in gray book shelf I have showed you before. Building the book shelves around our window will be a great feature for both rooms.

I found these 2 old images above in a folder of mine, Sköna hem. They may be old, but the looks remain! Certainly ahead of their time, love the color palette! The funniest part, this is actually taken from a summer house in Mölle. What are the odds?! I must find the home and become friends with them 😉

I hope this gave you an idea of the furniture and look that I want to accomplish for our living rooms. I really believe in being selective, keeping the summer look simple, fresh but still give it that cool modern twist. Can´t believe I need to wait some 10 months before decorating this home! Mama mia, patience, patience…

Have a great rest of the week. Will be back soon.
Hugs P


Top pic/Hemnet, Rattan chair/Svenskt Tenn, ResidenzeMagazine, Artilleriet, Pillow/Room, Rattan/Svenskt Tenn, Side table/Artilleriet, Chair, Rug/Ikea, Contura, Tree/Pinterest, 2 pics Skona Hem, Art wall/Slylizimo, Sika rattan/Pinterest, Plants/Balcony Garden, Desk/Hemnet, Lamp/Artilleriet, Pillow/Svenskt Tenn.

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