Black details in homes

Decorating with black color has always been I thing of mine. Here in our Seattle home I have managed to incorporate it quite a bit. I will try to take some pictures to show you during the weekend.

However now we are building a summer house and I want a different look and feel in Mölle. Keeping it light and fresh will be key but I still think I will bring in some details for sure. For instant, as I have mentioned before we will have black windows throughout the house. Hoping that will ad a modern twist to a classic summer house.

Decorating in black has obviously been popular for years, but getting it right requires a little touch. It can easily feel cold but when you get it right, it can feel chic and sophisticated. I personally like the drama and the energy it ads to a room. You don´t have to bring it in everywhere but choosing a few spots and details here and there makes it interesting and gives something to rest your eyes on in a room…

This dining area for example shows worn out black chairs, a dark rug and if you where to replace it with white chairs – I don´t think the space would look as stunning! Do you?



This Ikea rug is a classic now a days and I am sure it exists in every household throughout the world, and my home is no different! We have it in our dining room with my good old black wish bone chairs. It ads a dramatic and yet playful look to the room.


Black and white is a timeless look and you see it a lot in both traditional as well as modern kitchens and in Scandinavian homes in general. Almost to a point where its used too much but it certainly is classic and just never seems to go out of style.
In the 2 images below they have added black striped fabric to the seating and I think that gives the extra stylish touch.

stipes sofa.jpg

Showing these 2 Danish classics is almost cheating, not fair! Adding these fabulous (…& I know!!!, expensive) accents to a room – well then there is no need for anything else! Your job is done :).

Finishing of today’s post with this little darker living room that I found on Pinterest, its Friday after all!  There are so many different ways of adding black details to your decor and home, these were just a few ideas to get you started. I know I am getting that little coffee table I showed you in my previous post…

Have a fabulous weekend!
Hugs P

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3 thoughts on “Black details in homes

  1. Good Morning!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE you using black and white – it is cool – fresh and clean and so Swedish which I love!! These pic are fabulous and you can’t go wrong with any of these ideas.

    This is so fun to be a part of your plans.

    xo >

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