Lets move to Lyon…

My kids went out on different activities, husband doing a “car wash/errand” so I made myself a cup of coffee and of course opened up my computer! Browsing through my usual sites I found this french little beauty, a dreamy apartment in Lyon, France.  A city known for its fantastic food & restaurants – apparently also has nice apartments! Wouldn´t mind staying here at all!

Love the high ceiling, the light gray walls together with the white trims! I feel that the people living here could be Scandinavians, right? Maybe I know them or maybe – wishful thinking,  we are related?!  Dreaming on….

I can appreciate looking at minimalism homes on blogs and magazine but I perhaps don´t want to live in the design. I tend to choose slightly more classic and “cozy mozy” design.  But I certainly appreciate one when I see it! Now, looking at this apartment I really feel they pulled it off. They manage to keep it clean and sort of a minimalism style but yet inviting and warm. I am jealous,  but in a good way….

I can see myself walking around here with a glass of wine in my hand…with my new best friends or related cousins !? ;=))…haha

I could even see myself help out in the kitchen if needed…. Looove the floors!

Oversized antique mirrors is such a nice touch and classy detail! J´adore, J´adore!

I tend to like bedrooms that are light and calm, so its no surprise that I like this one. In love with their bed side lamp and the 2 rugs they just threw out there…


Oui, oh la la.

Just an update on our building project,  we are still waiting for the hopefully “ok” on our building permit. Apparently our neighbors now get to chance to give their opinion. Once that feedback is in the county will meet/discuss and make a decision. So, as we are waiting all I can do is keep browsing the internet and look for inspiration and ideas like today…

I can´t wait to show you “real” building project pictures as we get started…but it will take a few more months…please, bare with me. Nobody wants to move the clock forward more than me!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Hi to all my new followers, thank you for all the nice emails! Big hugs/P

Images from Nordic Design.

2 thoughts on “Lets move to Lyon…

  1. Oh my gosh – Lyon France is fabulous and you would LOVE that apartment. It is the cooking capital of France so you have lots to choose from. I have been there a couple of times taking cooking schools with friends. Delightful!! xo >


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