Mirror, mirror on the wall…?

A question I asked when I was younger. Now, I hold my breath and cross my fingers the mirror doesn´t break ;).

We have been decorating with mirrors for years and years. An elegant detail to ad to any home and room regardless if you have a contemporary home or a more traditional style. I have learned that there are no rules really when it comes to decorating with mirrors. You can move it around and place it just as you like. Hang it upside down or just leave leaning against the wall. If you plan on adding this detail, why not go big. You cannot go wrong with oversized mirrors.

Mirrors bring light and depth into rooms. Its like a decorative window that reflect and emphasizes views and can really create great effects. Would of course love to ad one in Mölle. Going window shopping at my favorite auction sites after this.

I love the dark antique mirrors above, they just ad such character to a room. Please tell me, where can I get my hands on a similar one, anyone??

Nowadays large mirrors are a trend which is great but I love it regardless if its trendy or not (something I certainly care less and less about). I go on what feels right, long lasting materials that age beautifully and I always try to look for quality products.

One thing you can be sure of when decorating with mirrors – well, mirrors turn heads!

The idea of hanging many mirrors like the image above makes this space feel twice the size. When I think of it, the opening & balcony is similar to what we are creating in our summer house…

Finally showing you this cool room. Oh my! That is what I call an OVERSIZED MIRROR!

Before I log out, I want to say how much I love writing this blog. Obviously I have just started and I am still learning. Some days I feel extra inspired and some days I feel out of ideas but I really want to try to stay true to myself in what I love in design, my ideas and sharing our building project with you all.

Thank you dear readers for sticking around!

Images source, mostly Pinterest, HannaWessman, HouseBeautiful.


One thought on “Mirror, mirror on the wall…?

  1. Dear P, we have been doing trials with combining light gray walls and Gold features …. we like it, similar to the picture at the bottom ….. but have to be careful how much color you bring to the room beyond those gold accents ….


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