Up on the roof

I realize its Valentine´s day and I am about to talk about our roof. Far from romantic, I know! Promise I will be short and more loving & romantic tomorrow.

For our roof, we are choosing between black, charcoal, dark and medium gray. As you probably know by now, I envision the house in white, with black windows so black roof on top that might be a little too dramatic for me. We plan on having a garage + small extra house as well and their roofs will be more visible (1 story high). I think I am going with the darker gray roof, feels like a safer bet.

Now, on top that we need to pick the color for our drain, gutters and downspouts… Seems like a fairly silly and easy job but once you are faced with a couple of options – all of a sudden its an impossible job.

We have crossed out the black and cream color. Left with the white, silver and gray. I couldn´t find good close-up images but maybe you can spot the differences in some of them. The white obviously melts in well with the white facade but I imagine the gutter looking pretty dirty after just a Swedish fall & winter…I think I am going for the silver color (both top images below), feels like a safer bet as well. I am all about safety today!

Enjoy your day! Sending you lots of Valentine hearts from my roof 😉
Hugs P


3 thoughts on “Up on the roof

  1. I vote black roof – our neighbors have a white house with black windows and black roof just like your choices and it is stunning! It makes a statement where as the grey fades into the house. Just a thought. xo >

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