What an escape

As you know we are starting the process of building a summer house in our favorite little town in the south of Sweden, Mölle. Doing it from a distance – from Seattle. It will be our escape, our retreat and hopefully our retirement spot half of the year when we get “really” old.

Tonight, I came across another families retreat story and their Connecticut escape. Let me just say – wow! All of a sudden our coming home feels like a guest house, haha. This home really caught my attention. It has the American touch to it which is different from the Swedish traditional retreat style but after living here for 10 years I don´t mind incorporating influences from the US into our Swedish summer house.  On the contrary, I want to!

Wouldn’t a retreat home like this solve all problems?  Who needs yoga or therapy when you have a place like this, right? Lets just all cross fingers and legs that they list the home on Airbnb for the summer.

I will let the images speak for themselves. No point in my silly and green of envy comments to spoil it. Lean back n enjoy the house tour!


Sorry, can´t help myself – how gorgeous isn’t this Connecticut retreat home? I believe it is the owner in the picture below. Please let us become best Airbnb friends over the summer. Seattle is a nice spot in July!? 😉

Stop, stop right here! Butler/bar tables with an oversized black&white photo of lady Moss is my cup of tea. Love the detail.


Just let me finish off with this “no big deal” shot from the pool, over looking the fabulous retreat. I could almost just be happy in that little “wood storage space” you see to the right . I would not be surprised, if you found the coolest space and room behind those doors.

I get so happy when I come across lovely homes like this one.


Photos by Lesley Unruh. More info over at OneKingsLane



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