Having second thoughts

Today when I was writing a post about the different choices we have made for our house, I got stuck and thinking about the floor. Now I am sitting here “going nuts” when looking at different images of beautiful limestone/stone slate/ceramic tiles in homes and wondering what to do now?

Originally, I had my mind set on concrete floor for the main level and hardwood floor for 2nd, and that was that. Thrilled to be able to check one thing off the long list.  I have since then run into people advising me to reconsider the concrete because apparently it never really turns out exactly as expected or as seen in fancy magazines. I listened and decided not to complicate things. Reminded myself, we are just building a summer house.

Now, the decision is solid hardwood floors in the house with the exception for entry, powder, bath and laundry room where we will place stone/tile. That´s the current decision..OR..SO..I..THOUGHT..??


Here´s that fab´ concrete I was telling you about. Cool, chic and timeless. Maybe next time! So then, what am I looking for?

If going with wood floor, I love the solid hardwood floor that is white or gray washed or waxed. The wider width the happier I´d be. I have always been drawn to the warm light to medium gray tone. Feel it would go well with our white walls, light gray trims and black windows. I am avoiding yellow or red tones in the wood. We will have under floor heating which we have to keep in mind when choosing floor for downstairs. Certain wood is more flexible and moves more than others so it limits us slightly. Below is what I have in mind for tile + wood after concrete is off the list. I am really happy with these 2 picks. (now, I am just not sure ;))

Again, being a summer house we know we will not use it, wear on it as much as we would in a regular home. The floor should take a lot of people, kids running in & out with shoes during the summer and over the years (yes, we Swedes otherwise always take off our shoes when entering a home).  Summer life is however more forgiving, as it should be.

Let me share the ideas that have led to second thoughts today. I am so feeling the stone, the big tiles for the entire downstairs. I realize it also comes with a juicier prize (like all other details I seem to pick, why is it always like that?).

Have a look and lets decide together afterwards, shall we?


Obviously these images are just picks from Pinterest, I would need to dig a little deeper to find the right one that matches what I am looking for and doesn’t require a phone call to the bank. If going with stone or ceramics, I prefer the big size squares/tiles in matte (no fancy shine for me) and most likely with a bit uneven/rough surface (again, more forgiving I would think).

Stone, ceramic tiles is a harder surface than hardwood for sure. Wood naturally looks warmer but also gives a good feel when walking with your bare feet. Some might say that hardwood floor more suits the look and feel for a summer house. But after looking at all the inspirational images today I am convinced that with our furniture, style and the fabrics and rugs I have, I will still create a very warm and cozy feeling… even if we went with tiles on the main floor.

My final sales punch line ;), – the stone/ceramic is low maintenance and lives longer.

What do you think? Should I sleep on it and maybe tomorrow I will realize it was just a one day craving. The hardwood and tile I have found will be super duper. I will chat with my dear hubby when he gets back and hopefully we will come to a final decision. Please, keep emailing me ideas and suggestions!

Given its weekend and all, I want to finish off with this old goodie below I have had for years – love how they mixed the old butchers table now used as a bar, the rustic slate floor with the modern black windows. ´Love it.

Have a fabulous weekend!
Cheers //P


All images Pinterest

One thought on “Having second thoughts

  1. Hey P, we had the same tone wooden floor that you are looking at most of the house, except the entrance and the kitchen. The tile was big squares, ruff (old looking), and matched the color of the patinated / white wash wooden floors. We have heated floors, and we loved the feeling on tippy toeing in our kitchen in the morning with pare feet when the floor heating made the tiles feel super soft ….. we loved the wooden floors too, but in kitchen specifically it was really great to have tile. I wish I had tile in my kitchen here in Seattle as well, but it did not fit the flow / floor plan ….


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