Neutral feels fresh

Hope you are enjoying the weekend. Those of you who read my last post know I´m having second thoughts about our floor choices. I was hoping a good night sleep would help and I´d wake up knowing what to choose. Unfortunately no. I have done detective work all morning and searched for good affordable alternatives. I don’t want to let go of the idea of placing stone/tiles in the house, at least not yet. I want to make sure we do our homework.

While I am busy being a floor detective, I wanted to share this apartment that was sold in Sweden some months ago. I realize its one of those goodies that appear on many blogs. Perhaps you have already seen it but the earthy tones in this apartment feel calm and refreshing. It is spot on accurate with what is in today so I just could not NOT show it to you. I truly feel the tone & feel this apartment projects is what people are looking for.


For once I am actually happy not seeing the gray walls we have seen so much of the last couple of years. I still love the gray but fun to see something different.

Scandinavians certainly know how to keep things clean, simple and natural. Simplicity is key for Scandi´ design, always has been. Not overdoing it but yet getting it just right! Love how the owner has mixed the linen with a touch of velvet, plants and the industrial wall/room separator everyone is craving for right now (including me).


I realize the pillows have been staged / puffed a bit but I still love how inviting this linen sofa looks –  all wrinkled up.




Love the table. I have a similar one but painted it gray (why?)) 2 years ago. Regretting that after seeing this of course! The vase, yes its “the vase” to have (Pallo/Skrufs). I am in love with the clear glass and the simple design. Hoping it will find my dining table as well .



Leaning towards this style of kitchen fan for our summer house. It is simple, blends in well and does not scream “kitchen fan”, if that makes any sense?






Oh my, did not realize how late it was here in Seattle. Got to get some sleep before my early practice. Hope you liked this apartment. Thanks for stopping by, see you soon.


Images from realtor Entrance Makleri

One thought on “Neutral feels fresh

  1. Hi P

    Just got a tex from our guys – they seem fine except beat 😦 Good for them tho! I have LOVED talking to them – they are always so funny together.

    Ok…about the cement floors – I have never seen a cement floor that hadn’t cracked and our David has cement and his has a crack the size of the grand canyon – just kidding. He doesn’t know yet how he will fix it so it is a dilemma.

    And I LOVE the idea of big tiles downstairs – and they will be heated so what could be better than that!! And wood of course is so warm and inviting. How about tile in the entry and wood elsewhere?? Just a thought.

    As to the vent in the kitchen – they now have beautiful stainless steel fans that could be the highlight (and focus) in your kitchen. Some are so weird and fabulous!

    Give a big kiss to your hubby when he gets home



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