Update on Options & Decisions

For my new readers, we are building a summer house in Sweden, while living in Seattle. We chose Fiskarhedenvillan as our builder. We have built before but this time we are doing it from a distance. Just waiting for our building permit to go through.

While waiting for the “go or no go” I am playing detective, searching for ideas and trying to make the different choices for our house. Let me just say how much easier this work is when there is a whole world of blogs and Instagram accounts to get inspired by, learn from and share information with. Extremely helpful, and especially for me sitting far away on the other side of the Atlantic ocean (by the Pacific Ocean to be precise).

In my process I start big, pick the things I really want and once I see it all in my excel sheet along side with the cost – that is my wake up call 🙂 and I compromise to get the bottom line number to match our wallet. I know, a boring detail ….

So far, we have decided on the house design, floor plan, window sizes & placements and where to place our house on the lot. Next on the list to decide;  Outside panel – Roof – Floors – Doors – Windows – Stairs

Outside Panel
We have different wood panel options. I like both options below. The wider one to the left gives a more modern look which is super nice but I still feel the more classic style to right suits our house and especially our area more.

For the roof we are down to 2 colors, granite and black. I was afraid the black roof on top of having black windows would be too much but after seeing a few homes I might end up choosing the black tiles after all.

However, I want to mix materials so for our main roof we will have tiles but for the front entrance and maybe back porch roof we will go with metal roof (similar to below).

panna o plat.PNG

We have chosen black windows (inside + outside) but the last part was choosing the grids (hope that´s what its called in English/spröjs in Swedish). We started with the right side option, but felt more grids in black might be too distracting for the eyes. We ended up choosing the window option to the left, its simple and lets in more light.

Another detail we chose for the windows is not having any trims around the windows on the inside. We think choosing plaster/white walls all the way in will go better with the black windows. Hopefully you can see the idea on this right bottom image above.

For the front door we chose a solid double door (no windows), however we will have small windows on each sides as well as over the door but nothing on the actual door. I have seen the black color and I like it. I obviously love gray doors but am picky when it comes to the gray tone and getting that just right. Therefore, black doors will most likely be ordered.


As you know this is the one thing I still haven´t decided on. The options are basically 1. Limestone/tiles in entry, powder, bathroom, laundry and wood floor in the rest of the house. Option 2. Limestone/tiles in the entire main floor and upstairs bathroom but rest of upstairs wood flooring. Obviously it comes down to cost but also the overall look and feel we want. I wrote a post on floors a few days ago if you want to read that but for now I am still contacting suppliers and checking prices.

Beautiful stairs can really make a statement and difference, and you can of course spend a fortune here as well but I am leaning towards a fairly classic style stairs like below. It will be in gray and white (steps and parts of trim in my favorite gray color).


Doors & Trims
I love having crispy white walls with gray trims, and I particularly want it for this summer house. Being a new built house, I think painting the stairs, built-in book shelves, bunk-beds, trims and doors are details that will help “age” the house. I prefer the look from painting with a brush rather than the factory spray painted look. We decided to get solid pine wood for our details that we will paint ourselves (for those who know me, know I love the paint brush).

We have decided on plaster ceiling and painting everything white, not adding any ceiling moldings. Again, trying to keep the look simple, make the ceiling feel higher and letting the windows be the eye attraction. The spaces where we will have wood details, we will paint them in a gray color – a warm gray code I share with my best friend E.


That´s all for today (hope I didn´t bore you ;)). Also hope to have a decision on flooring very soon… cross my fingers!

I am heading out for a run right now – usually a great time for me to think things through and make decisions. So running is certainly a win win for me!

Hugs P

Images a mix of Pinterest, Fiskarhedenvillan, Kristofer Johnsson, Alcro Trend.


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