On the other side of the sound…

Just quickly checking in to show you a hidden summer place I found in Skagen, Denmark which is just across the water from our town Mölle (roughly a 20 min boat ride). Also a well known fishing town tourists love to visit. This retreat home however, looks well hidden and almost hard to spot – very discrete.


The location is just breath taking, beautifully incorporated with the surrounding nature. Really embracing and respecting mother nature.


I love their use of neutral colors, the organic materials as well as their smart built-in wood solutions. An efficient way of using the space. Not to mention the windows, they make all the difference by letting the inside and outside just come together so beautifully. I mean, just look at the view!


This doesn’t resemble the style we will be building for our summer house but that doesn’t mean I cant appreciate a contemporary beauty when I see one. This retreat is just magical and spot on Danish in my mind. If I where to live here I would ad a few things, green accents and perhaps some beige colored velvet or linen cushions`  and of course it would be more cluttered with shoes and stuff everywhere, but apart from that – the house is perfect as is!


Love Love the wide solid floor here….yes, yes, yes!


This home really provides a relaxing feel, perfect spot to breath, de-stress and reflect!


I always try to be open minded and learn from all homes and styles. I have certainly been inspired to incorporate more of the neutral colors and organic materials.

Hope you liked it as well!
Hugs P

Lovely images via Jesper Ray


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