Some stripes while we wait…

Sorry for not checking in with you the last couple of days but my days have flown by and before I knew it – new week and my dear hubby’s birthday!

Today we received the first news from the county and it was not too bad. They had remarks about our garage. Apparently the garage is too tall. The current height that we sent in (3.15m) is not outrages (I think!?), its just that the detailed plan for this area was written way way back, when people must have been shorter (I know – aren´t all Scandinavians supposed to be very tall ? :)). Lowering it to the max height (2.5m) will not look as good, aesthetically not match the house, not allow us to have the door on the side, the windows will be very small and we would have to put in manual garage doors (which of course is not the end of the world) but I am keeping my fingers we can meet half way within the next 2 weeks (thats when the next county meeting is). I am hopeful.

Magnus II                                                                   Via SandbergWallpaper

While we deal and wait for that I thought I´d show you some fun interior images. As many of you already know I have always had fun mixing black & white. Especially when it comes to black and white stripes! Timeless. I am not bold enough for entire walls but certainly, cushions, throws, decor and rugs always find their way into our home.

Via Pinterest
0b6885ef39a07878aa3fc779ec37f3e4Wow – some impressive oversized pots! gravity
A fan of this IKEA rug – now a classic´ and in so many homes. My home included. I wonder how many they have actually sold world wide? Anyone?

I would not mind adding the striped helmet and paddle board to our summer house! So cool and Chanel-like!

Adorable little kitchen nook with striped fabric. Feels fresh and not to mention, the open balcony door that makes me long for spring!  I am so ready for spring.

Again here, the IKEA rug. I also placed mine in our dining room together with the black wishbone chairs. Love the contrast and play fullness of the pattern. I really think you can  have fun with stripes. Its just a question how brave and bold you feel like being.


Need to finish off with a “wow” image. I am sure most of you have seen this entire home (been shown on so many blogs) but their outdoor space is just to die for. I love everything about it, the darker pool and of course the black&white striped fabric! (just not sure the palm trees would grow so well in Mölle….;))

Have a great rest of the week!
Hugs P

Images; Gardenista, Colette, decououvrirlendroit, flexinredning, pinterest, SandbergWallpaper, Gravity, JenLangstron.

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