Breathtaking summer home

Want to take you to another magical place in Sweden, Gotland. An island on the Baltic Sea. Not big, but beautiful and also an old Viking place. The main town of Visby (on UNESCOS Heritage site list) is a famous tourist spot during the summer. Also a popular island for vacation homes, and trust me – there are some gorgeous homes on this island.

I have a special “Gotland” folder with tons of pictures I have saved over the years. Today I thought I would show you one house. A home from 1771 that has been beautifully renovated. Love how they have mixed the rustic with modern.


Our plan is also to have a lot of gravel around our summer place. Nothing beats the sound from walking on it with your Swedish leather clogs. It has to be clogs! For me, that is Summer with a big S.



It is a very minimalist home (so I would ad a ton of things here & there) but seeing it this raw and naked is refreshing and so Gotland. It brings all attention to the materials and brings out the natural beauty. No need to complicate it. As always I am a huge fan of how they have mixed the washed lime walls, wood panel, the stone floor together with the modern kitchen below. Hat off.



The cabinet color looks beautiful and goes perfectly with the floor. I am not too keen on the backslash, but I think I could find a way to live with it :)).









If in Sweden, make sure to take a trip over to Gotland!
Recommend going north & staying at Furillen (could do an entire post on just that hotel itself!!!)


Images via EmmaDysell for Fantastic Frank.

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