Chez moi

I have been meaning to show you pictures from our home here in Seattle for some time now. A few of you have emailed and reminded me. Today I am showing you our dining and connecting living room. I am not the best photographer (not by far), so bear with me if they don´t look all professional and have perfect lighting.

We have done updates in the house during our 5 years here. Most of it is color. Its amazing what new paint can do. It was of course all traditional builders beige, but now white with gray here and there.  When it comes to the interior, I spent time on it the first months but have since then paused. Now, I feel re-inspired and have ideas and a little wish list of things I would love to get my hands on.


I really like our dining room. I want to avoid it feeling to formal. I added my elephant wallpaper to create contrast and play fullness and up to 2 weeks ago that wall also had an art wall gallery but those who read my post “art is an art itself” know I am doing an “inventory” right now and took them down.  Imagine fewer but larger pieces.


The table my awesome husband built a few years back recently got repainted in a nice deep gray and it looks even more fabulous with the wishbone chairs! Love that it easily sits 10-12 people. Underneath that is the Ikea striped rug I have mentioned before.

Actually, one thing I recently added is the lamp from Lambert et Fils. I wanted a ceiling lamp that looked modern, industrial but most importantly did not take over the entire room. I am really happy how this turned out.




I have kept switching places between the dining and living room but having it this way feels right for us and how we use it.


Both rooms have high ceiling and big windows (which I love) but it makes it slightly difficult to get the room to feel really warm. I still like keeping it light, white and hoping that by adding colorful pillows (since I have more black details every where else) helps with that. I would love to replace the sofa chairs one day but haven’t found the ones yet. I thought I´d start with new lighting and adding long curtain drapes, textile on one or both sides of the large window. I have the fabric and plan on pulling out the sewing machine my dear neighbor so kindly borrowed to me a year ago…thats how long I have been thinking about it but no actions. Time to act.


Here is a not so great picture but it at least shows the window I am planning on adding curtains to. What do you think?

My dear hubby and I really use this room and fire place a lot, several evenings a week. Its become our space where we catch up on our day and our sweat kiddos life’s. Love that evening moment.


Here is my favorite, my silly little painting. Its unexpected and people always make  comments and ask if one of our kids have made it.  I am strong believer that you need to ad humor when decorating.


Love my “shaken not stirred” photo, think it goes well next to the butler tray. I am adding a lamp here and right now I got my eyes on a very classic but modern one. Saving up to that. Will of course update you once its in place. I promise to show you the rest of the home another day.

Have a wonderful week & thanks for popping by!

Hugs P



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