How can I create this in Mölle…

Yesterday I fantasized about that beautiful summer house in France. I mentioned I had a few more homes under my sleeves that are just too gorgeous to keep to myself. Homes like these bring me so much inspiration for our coming summer house in Sweden. I am totally and utterly in love with this rustic yet modern country home.

Take a look.


Freeze right here. Look at this gorgeous kitchen, the dark colored cabinets and not to mention the FLOOR! As always, love how they mixed rustic with modern.

Building a new summer house like we are doing; one of the challenges is creating the older, rustic but yet modern look. Obviously I can´t compete with an old french country house that has been there for several hundred years but I will certainly try. I get so much inspiration and ideas from homes like this.

My idea of placing limestone or large ceramic tiles in the bottom floor comes from seeing homes from southern Europe. Super practical, low maintenance, durable and on top of that looks fabulous!

What can I copy from this house and paste to our home in Mölle?  A couple of things.

1. Bringing in natural stone and choosing more neutral colors is a great start. It makes it feel calm and relaxing, which is what I want for our summer place.

2.  Adding wood and steel details makes it feel interesting and modern.

3.  Mixing old furniture with some modern touches makes it unique.

4. Lastly, choosing linen fabric, adding rattan furniture and making sure you include plants and fresh flowers is what makes the home inviting and you and friends wanting to come back!

As you know, I am copying the idea with black windows. I think it ads a cool modern contrast and a little drama to all the white.

This ceiling is just too beautiful.

The wood tray detail in this bathroom is fun and also ads warmth.
Of course ours would be filled with stuff and tons of products.
After all, we are 4 girls in this family.


In summary, I think there are ways of creating and enhancing the old french country home feel into completely new built summer homes. It just requires more research and being selective when choosing materials.  Another thing I love about these type of homes is the way they feel simple but yet very luxurious.

Hugs P

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