Going back to bed…

Here in Seattle we are still waiting for spring.  A lot of rain and shades of gray lately. Makes me want to crawl back in to bed.

This weather got me thinking about the bedroom in our coming summer house. Being from Sweden, I have a huge craving for light and as much as possible. So, its probably no surprise I prefer light and neutral colored bedrooms. I want it to feel light and relaxed.

residence magazine 2

The bedroom image above has the base that I am looking for. Love the neutral colors, the wood, together with the linen fabric and touch of black. Our bedroom will be similar, but below the things I plan on adding to ours.

I have the same headboard, and the one thing I love is how easy it is to switch out the fabric by using for ex. a linen duvet cover like here and pull it over. Easy to wash and change if you are in the mood for a different color. Mine is currently beige but I will invest in a white one as well from HM Home to alternate with.


I realize linen bedding is trendy now, all blogs are showing it but I can´t help it. I love the wrinkled and casual look, not a fan of fancy or too formal bedding look (especially not in a summer place). And the best part, it gets better and softer after each wash.


Our bedrooms will not be super big so we decided to open the ceiling all the way up on our entire upper level – to make it feel as spacious as possible. Think that will be a nice detail.

For our bedroom we will ad wood floor, my rattan chair and basket. Rattan equals summer for me and is a must-have. I prefer small bedside tables and again, bedroom sets are not for me. I will mix a small shelf with my vintage table on the other side to make it unique. My Tolemeo lamps (Artemide) that I have had for over 10 yrs now will come up.


Those of you who know me, know I am totally crazy about adding green and fresh flowers in as many rooms as I can and as often as I can. I am known to carry around a pair of scissors, cause I just never know when I will run into that perfect branch with my name on it.  Pretty certain I inherited this little obsession from my dear mother.

Even the smallest tree branch in a vase makes any room come alive, its an eye catcher and ads a feminine touch.


I would ad some wall art, not too much but a few pieces. My goal is making sure the colors harmonize with the rest of the room. Prefer the softer art rather than the dramatic and too colorful art in the bedroom.

I love being woken up by the sun, so don´t need block-out blinds but some sort of fabric/curtain would be nice.  I feel I have to see the black windows first and then decide what type of blinds, shades or curtains will match the best.

Other details; we are going for a light white washed colored wood floor. As you know, we will have black windows throughout the house which I am dying to see installed and live. The bedroom walls will be white but we will ad gray into the trims, door and closet.

One thing we have left to decide is choosing closet (style, doors and handles) but I like what they have done in this bedroom. It all harmonizes so beautifully. Maybe a candidate.


Finally, just want to finish off with this image I found on pinterest, since we are on the bedroom subject. Reading the papers and having breakfast in bed always looks so cozy and romantic, right? But in real life its just not super practical nor as easy for that matter… Besides, we have kinda moved on to online paper and replaced the good old fashionable breakfast with way too healthy shakes. But seeing this just made me happy since this is my kind of breakfast style (on weekends at least).

Other days of the week, I am ok with just starting with a good cup of coffee in bed (hint, hint hubby).


That´s all for today my friends. Hope you are having a great week. Thanks for checking in!

Hugs P

Images via: Residence magazine/Artilleriet, Norrgavel, Ellos, Pinterest, Artilleriet, Alvhem.

3 thoughts on “Going back to bed…

  1. Hi P

    Eric just told me that you won’t be in Seattle when Dave and I visit the second weekend in April??? We are sooo sorry that we won’t be able to get together for at least a couple of laughs and see your adorable girls 😦 Bummer.

    I was hoping to be able to see your plans for your beach house so you could explain them since they are all written in Swedish. Hopefully tho, we can see you soon.

    Much love C >


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