Before the excavator

A good Monday and warning for long blogpost :).  We got good news from our builder, Fiskarhedenvillan who contacted our neighbors to get their view on the last adjustment of the garage (since they opposed the first plan). They are ok with the latest version which could mean that our building permit gets approved this week! Time to put the Champagne on ice! Getting it approved and ordered this week is high priority if we want it key ready by Christmas.

This means we need to get going on that jungle of ours. Obviously most of it is coming down but we need to roughly plan the layout. Where we will place the house, garage, put grass, have gravel etc, decides how we prepare the foundation/ground.


I am working on the sketch.  I think we have a good idea but further along in the project we might bring in a garden and landscape designer, just to be safe.  We have a corner lot so I want to take advantage of that and create a cozy courtyard.

This image I have had for a long time and now I know why. I love how clean it looks, love the trees and I LOVE gravel and want lots of it around our house. Remember, we are creating a summer home so we want to keep it low maintenance but yet cozy and inviting.

Below more images with gravel. I have said it before but nothing beats the sound of walking with Swedish clogs on gravel. Summer with a big S.

I realize I have a long wish list of things I want to ad to our courtyard, and its not THAT big but hopefully I can squeeze in most of it.. Here it comes:

  • A cozy courtyard with different zones and areas. Important to mix round and square shapes as well as height and low focal points to make it interesting and inviting.
  • Gray stones/tiles and a lot of Gravel around the house
  • Wood on the Porch
  • Parts of grass to ad warmth and for kids to practice cart wheels…
  • Space for growing herbs and some veggies
  • An outdoor drying rack for all the 1oo of towels we use…
  • Cozy external lighting
  • Fire pit/place to sit around
  • Sun lounge spot
  • Grill area
  • Boules court
  • Green house / or extra guest house…(to be built 2nd year)
  • Mix of hedge and plank fence around to create a closed courtyard

    I prefer bigger pots than many small ones. It has a tendency to look too cluttered and requires more looking after (not good since we are not there as much and I often forget to water…

    We are allowed to ad an extra small house, but we are not sure if we want a green house or guest house. We need to move in first before deciding what to build. Our big American porch might turn out perfect and we don´t feel the need for a more covered outdoor eating area/green house. Instead we might discover we have to ad more beds to accommodate friends. Time will tell.

Here some ideas of round shapes that I am peaking at. The left above is truly a favorite. I borrowed the image from a Swedish designer that just has the greatest courtyard ever. For more images check his Insta @robinberkhuizen.


Big fan of Lavender. Promise you will see a lot of that around the house.

Above some different flower pics from pinterest that have the colors and style I am trying to create. Obviously I want flowers that mostly bloom when we will actually be there.

Growing herbs and some veggies is a given. We cook so much and it is extra special picking from your own garden. It just is.

I will try to incorporating some black details into our backyard. Not sure yet where and how but I am sure I will think of something. A fun addition even outdoors, an eye catcher & a contrast to a lot of the white.

We would really love to include an outdoor fire place. We might not be able to make it super big but hopefully still a descent size to create it cozy for us + kiddos to hang around.

It may sound like a silly thing to ad to the list but the nr of towels and bed linen I wash during the time we are there is a lot. Also, our kids seem to use beach & shower towels as if they are disposable ;). I just think there is something special about drying it outdoors. It leaves a different smell and feels extra crispy clean. A DIY project for hubby.

IMG_9726 kopi
A summer house must of course include lounge/sunbeds to enjoy the sun, read a book or perhaps just take a well needed siesta.  We just have to find the perfect sunny spot.

Now, to my last thing on the wishlist. I must admit I´m not sure the rest of my family is on board with this (…yet) but I would love to ad a Boules/Petanqué court. Also this image from Insta: @robinberkhuizen

Before letting you go, I have to finish of with my favorite of the day. This super cozy picture I also discovered on Pinterest. Doesn’t this look so cozy and romantic? Love the outdoor summer movie idea. Maybe the kids could start a summer business & sell movie night tickets in our backyard… Love love this idea.

romtantic outdoor movie
I will do my best to finish and show you the lot/courtyard sketch. Hopefully that will give you a better overview and understanding of thoughts and plans.

Wish me luck!


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