Building Permit in. Time to order.

I woke up this morning and to my delight our sales representative from Fiskarhedenvillan in Malmö had sent us an email saying that the building permit is now approved! Yaaay! Finally moving on to the next fun part of the project.  Perhaps not the most inspiring blogpost for you all but surely an important step for us in our project of building our dream summer house!

We are also in the midst of ordering the actual house from our builder Fiskarhedenvillan. We had a big deadline today (to secure first delivery before summer and with the goal of key ready to Christmas), so perfect timing the permit came today! I must say, it has been an easy and quick process from when we bought the lot in December, evaluated builders and houses to now placing the actual order. Our sales representative Fredrik has done a great job and been very helpful. Finding the right person that you feel confident with, is knowledgeable and understands your needs and wishes is extra important to us since we live far away.

Ordering the house means we have to confirm quite a few things and choices that we cannot make changes to after this point. A bit scary and final but we so want to get started. We ended up adding things that were not standard (of course), like:

A big “American” porch, raising the ceiling on 2nd floor all the way up, adding more and bigger black aluminum windows, including a sauna, garage and different roof (to mention a few). Only these changes stretch our budget a bit and we haven´t even started with the fun rooms and extra choices for kitchen, bathroom, flooring and stairs! Obviously there is an amount already included but I know I will go outside standard – its just a question with how much!# How I wish I had a money printer at home ;).


In regards to costs, and this being the 2nd time we build we can say with certainty – costs always ad on & go up. No surprise. I have reminded myself its a summer house we are building so keeping it fairly simple is good. Easier said than done… However, I don´t feel the ad-ons we have made are super crazy luruxy choices but we still managed to stretch the budget. Most of it is due to us, us choosing more things but a tiny part is also the builders not having some as standard at times so small things here and there also “help” costs go up. This happens regardless of builder you choose. One way to save costs is by finding and buying cheaper products yourself as well doing some or a lot of the work yourselves. With Fiskarhedenvillan you have that flexibility. If we had lived in Sweden we would certainly be more involved in that process.

We originally started and based our home on the model called “Rödhaken”. We shrunk it quite a bit since we dont need a big summer place. We switched out the eating area and balcony on-top with a big American porch instead. Below you can see the changes we have made from the Rödhaken model to accomodate our needs and wishes:



.                                                Rödhaken                                                Our floor plan

We ended up choosing a flat roof, called Carisma. My hubby had his eyes set on this one from day 1 so I thought it would be nice of me (ha) to let him be a part of one decision 😉

Now, I cannot wait to get started on the kitchen, bathroom and stairs. Best part ever! Today I am looking into the kids bedroom, hope to show you the ideas a little later today.

Have a wonderful Friday & Weekend!
Hugs P

Sketch images: Fiskarhedenvillan, Porch: Trivselhus, Roof: Pinterest

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