Bunkbeds it is

Finally checking in with you after 9 wonderful days in Mexico. I brought the computer with me, with the intention of writing and blogging but I was overly optimistic (as usual). I just enjoyed it too much and felt no desire to open up the computer. Now back to normal life and picking up where I left.

With the building permit now in our hands, we move on the next fun phase which is taking down that jungle of ours and seeing what our lot really looks like! I am guessing its still a few weeks out, so in the meantime I am working on remaining rooms and details. Today I thought I would walk you through our kids room.

We are making one of the bedrooms into our kids bedroom. Our 3 girls are not that young/small anymore so we dont want to create a “kiddie kids” room but being a summer house we prefer the girls to share room so built in bunk beds feels like a smart way of using the space. I am also hoping them sharing rooms will give them fun summer memories before they are too big and off on their own.

Below is the image that inspired me in the first place. In general our bedrooms will be small but we are opening up the ceiling on 2nd floor which will make it feel more spacious and especially for the persons sleeping on top bunk beds.


When looking for ideas online, almost all images/design that came up were for smaller kids but I am showing you a few picks.

I want a clean and classic look (that doesn´t scream kids room) and is custom built. Its on me to come up with a design to give to the carpenter for quote or if time permits my dear hubby wants to take on the project. The criteria so far:

  1. I want the bunk beds on each side on one of the windows, 4 beds in total.
  2. Built-in solution. Painted in light gray and remaining room in white…
  3. Important that each bed has its own space – their on shelf to put their book, phone,  charger on. A reading lamp and some personalized touches. I want to create a feeling they have a room within each bed if that makes sense.
  4. All beds of course need to have the same white bedding. Goes without saying 🙂
  5. I would love to ad smart storage solutions, perhaps drawers underneath or side.

Obviously this has a different layout but I like how its a room within a room. Below images with bunk beds painted in different gray colors, thinks it ads warmth.





When surfing online, I came across some fantastic big rooms with multiple bunk beds.  We would have to give up our entire upper floor to our kids (…and I am willing to do a lot for our kids, but I gotta draw the line somewhere ;)). I just wanted to share them with you as well in case one of you has this kind of space…




Now time to get the drawing and bunk bed sketches started. Will show you once its done (that is if my drawing will be good enough to show). Have a wonderful rest of the week. Promise not to go silent like last week again!

Hugs P


Images via Pinterest.

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