Bathroom ideas

I am moving on to the more difficult room, the bathroom. There are so many different styles, details and decisions to make so I feel it is time to wrap my head around it all.

We will have one smaller bathroom downstairs, and a bigger bathroom upstairs. I imagine both bathrooms to harmonize but with a few different touches. I think I can ad more “twist” to the downstairs/guest bath. Today I am sharing my ideas for the upstairs one. I still haven´t finalized it but here are some thoughts.

Capture architect be

This is the image that I want to start with, and use as my foundation and build our bathroom from. I love the calm color tones, the stone ads a sophisticated and luxury feel.


Regardless of some trends going towards darker bathrooms, I am looking for a light and neutral colored bathroom. We are building a summer house so I prefer to keep things light n fresh. I imagine it to be classic with some modern touches. I dont want to go too summer cottage like, nor too modern, I want to find the middle ground (very typical Swedes :)).

I have had my fair share of white subway tile bathrooms over the years. I still love the style but am also loving the idea of bigger tiles and not having tiles on all walls. Let me share what I have in mind so far.


I like the feel of this bathroom. The big carrara marble tiles, the shower placement, the big window and the furniture details that ad warmth to the room – it makes it a room. Bathrooms can easily feel a bit “cold”, so I love the idea of decorating them as rooms, adding personal touches, art and warm details such as textile, wood and baskets. Its a balance because I still like bathrooms to be cluttered-free and practical. Given we are 4 girls in this house hold and a lot of “fancy products” – smart storage is a must.



Below is the layout of the bathroom, as you can see we have added a Bastu/a sauna. The space is not super big but I believe it will just be enough and good for us and our needs.


Besides the basic details such as shower, sink and toilet I need a big cabinet to store everyone’s toilet products and towels. I like the idea of all my family members getting a basket each to put their stuff in and take in & out of cabinet when needed. I know how easy it is to get the bathroom to look “messy”. I prefer to hide most things and keep it as clean as possible. I intend to put the cabinet in-front of the shower, and have storage under the zink. We will have a clear glass corner shower but I am still trying to find space to hang and dry towels. One solution could be a wall out from the sauna, closing the shower a bit and placing hooks on that wall, another idea is just having hooks inside the sauna and letting the towels dry in there.

For the bathroom flooring, I am leaning towards bigger limestone tiles in a light gray or gray/beige color. I am thinking of adding/placing it on the front wall as you walk in and around the shower as well. The other sides will just be painted/special paint approved for bathrooms. Our windows throughout the house will be black, so that will hopefully be a nice detail. I am trying to find a separate/unique bigger cabinet and I cant seem to find it among the bathroom furniture stores/suppliers (yet). At the moment I have 2 in mind, this black/metal and glass (not necessarily meant for bathroom) but I think it could be cool or a more closed white “standard” bathroom cabinet (below).

I would normally suggest black lamps to ad contrast but for some reason I really want to create a neutral, calm and light bathroom. I recently “won” these old wood benches, that might be nice to ad in the bathroom.

Choosing the right lighting is important in the bathroom. We will probably need a few spots in the ceiling but I would love to ad nice wall lamps on each side of the mirror. Also the mirror is one of those things that can really make an impact to the room. I am contemplating having a big one flushed to the wall over the zink or order a big round one. Luckily nothing I need to decide today, but I imagine soon…

I just wanted to finish of with this beautiful image that I found from an apartment project being sold in Stockholm. Perhaps not what I will have in our summer place but I just loved the image and since we were on the bathroom topic, I wanted to share it with you. It looks super glamours!

That is all from me today, have to run out and do some errands but promise to check in with you soon again.


Image source:
HansVerstuyft Architect, Badrumsdrömmar, Pinterest, SkonaHem, AlexanderWhite, Ballingslöv, Artilleriet, Östersjösten.




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