Books are better than TV

I dont know about you, but for me summer is the time to relax, unwind and catch up on good books and interesting reading. Adding built in bookshelves therefore feels like a must in our coming summer house. There is something special with picking out your summer read and having shelves filled with interesting books and magazines. It certainly makes any room come alive and feel cozy mozy.

I am also hoping it will be a detail that will help the new house feel a bit more customized and “old”. The image below is what got my attention in the first place. Turned out the image is from a home in the town we are building (Mölle) so thats gotta be a sign, right?

Below a sketch of our 2 living room spaces. The first, labeled “vardagsrum/livingroom” faces and connects to the eating area off to the right. In the original floor plan there was a closed corner room to be used as an extra office or guest room, however we decided to open it up and create a corner TV/Reading/extra living room instead. I marked the wall on the sketch below where I plan to build the shelves in yellow. My idea is having shelves on each side + over the window. Debating having a bench under the window or shelves.

I looked through Pinterest today and as always I found lots of inspiration and ideas. I prefer the shelves to go all the way up to ceiling (otherwise it just collects dust). Below a design with glass doors. Think I prefer the less formal look with open shelves for our summer house.

Below a more straight forward design which I like as well. I am asking our carpenter for 2 quotes, one more simple design and another with a few more details and reading nook and see how it compares money wise. After all, this cannot go crazy over budget (since other things surely R ;). Given we are on a tight time schedule, I think I need to ask an outside carpenter instead of using our builder with Fiskarhedenvillan. I want them to focus on getting the house ready for Christmas so all ad-ons and customizations like bookshelves and bunk-beds – probably better if made by someone else.

I have my mind set on painting trim- and wood details throughout the house in a warm light gray color, so I imagine the bookshelf to be gray as well (pretty identical to below images).

I am totally in love with this bookshelf in gray. I dont mind copying this design. The only difference is we would build it around our window instead of door opening. Below a mix of pics I had saved on my dear computer.





Before logging out today, I have to share and end this post with these amazing images. We are talking about some serious bookshelves and serious book lovers!

Time to order books for the summer, time to start reading!

Images Pinterest, except gray book shelves from Alcro Trend.

2 thoughts on “Books are better than TV

  1. Very interesting to follow your thinking with the photos along the way! I, too like the lighter tone of grey for the bookshelves. I think it also picks up the tones of nature outside the window, too.

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