Time to open windows.

Finally May. Glad April is over. Let me just say, the weather here in Seattle has really lived up to its reputation of rain, rain & more rain.  Now looking forward to all the wonderful things May will bring! Usually it means sunshine and being able to open the windows, to catch the sunlight, the fresh air and warmer temperature.  In my house, May is also a yearly wake up call that I need to clean my windows. Having cleaned windows make all the difference!

Which brings me to today’s topic, Windows! I always pay attention to windows, they just play such an important part of any home or building regardless of style. They not only bring the light in and warmth but a window can really be a piece of art just by itself. I usually prefer to keep the windows clean from blinds and curtains as much as possible.

Let me start off with this awesome kitchen window. Love how it opens all the way and connects the indoor with the outdoor. I can picture myself sitting on a bar stool, keeping an eye on the chef (hubby) while sipping on my Sauvignon Blanc.

Below some favorite picks showing amazing windows – amazing views. Windows and views that in my mind look like a postcard, a photograph or an art piece that you can sit and admire for hours, hours and hours (…you get it…).


I can´t wait to see what we will be able to see from our windows. Our lot or jungle as we call it, will be taken down shortly and finally we will get a better view of it all.  Hoping to fly there to witness the take down…

I have shown you this amazing summer hide-away in Denmark before, but the view from their windows is breathtaking. Just blends in with mother nature perfectly.


Love this narrow window, so interesting and a cool way of letting light in. This would be the first thing I would walk up to – super curious to look out.

Cool patio window/door. Not sure how practical, I would imagine having to clean the window from fingerprints all day long, or!?

I am extra exciting to see how the black windows that we have chosen will look like. I am really hoping it will be that cool detail to an otherwise pretty classic summer house look & feel. Can´t wait until they are up this summer. Here are some pics that got me inspired.




A dear “insta” friend was so kind to forward this picture to me. Totally in love with this kitchen and space. Love all of it (I would probably just change the rug). The dining table & chairs, cabinet colors and THOSE windows/door – oh my! For a second I am wishing I could change our house model and ad a ton of similar windows….



I am not a huge fan of the gold details here but seriously, WHO CARES when you have a window and a view like this?!!!?? No need for books or magazine. I would be a rude guest and spend a lot of time in here ..

Ok friends, time to book that window cleaning service now. Gotta go. Thanks for checking in and coming back to my blog. I´m honored and happy! It keeps me going.

See you soon!


Images, Pinterest, Hemnet, Architectural Digest, Esny, Bobedre.

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