Seattle dining room

I received some requests for pictures of our current dining room, so here it is.

Its a nice size room, with a big window that brings in a lot of natural light. I try to use our dining room as often as I can and remember. I dont want it to be a formal room for fancy dinners, I really want to see it being used by our kids doing there homework or us eating our regular week night dinners etc.

When we moved in to this house 5 years ago, I thought it would be fun to put up the gray Elephant wallpaper from Svenskt Tenn on one wall. Wanted to make it playful and less formal. I also thought it would be a contrast to all the white walls. Now, I am debating whether I should change it to something more neutral or keep it a little longer. Regardless, elephant or no elephant, its an eye catcher and people always comment on it since you see it as you walk in the front door.



Overall, I am trying to keep the dining area simple yet I like to ad something bold to make it interesting but most importantly inviting.

Some have asked about the table, which my dear husband made years ago. I wanted a large table that fit 4 wishbone chairs on each side and the ones I found where to expensive so my hubby made this. Still super happy about it. Recently the table got a make-over, I painted it in a darker gray which picks up the gray in the wallpaper. Below a picture from our old house that we built in Stockholm back in 2005 – where you can see the original table color. Love going back memory lane and looking at our old homes.

W-15 (002)


The things I tend to focus on to make the dining room feel cozy and inviting is using  candles (I admit, I use a lot of candles, so many that several of my friends make fun of me and wonder if I belong to a special candle sect ;)). Another detail is having fresh flowers (which has become my wonderful Friday routine).  Fresh flowers is a must!

Oh – by the way, don´t pay attention to my sad plant in the corner (I realize I have not been paying attention to it for some time ;)). Sorry, I will get right to it!


One thing I feel I am still working on is getting the art, the walls right. I realize the mix of art perhaps doesn’t go that well together. Once things have calmed/slowed down with our new summer house I might re invest in some new art in here.


These 2 sketches I found at the greatest antique market outside of Paris (Clignancourt). Recommend it you haven´t already been there.  Believe I bought the sketches for 10Euros each.  The painting below is from a Dutch artist (Corneille). My parents did not have space for them anymore so they handed me 3 of his work some 20 years ago. The other 2 are different in colors so I decided to hang these ladies & the bird separately.


My classic Wishbone chairs by Hans J. Wegner  however, I love love. I have had them for years. They have gone over the Atlantic ocean in a container many times but after all these years, they still look good. The type of chairs that age beautifully. They are pretty pricey but I believe in saving saving and buying the quality pieces if you can. Its worth it.



Now to the final part, the lamp. Its actually my latest addition to the room. I have been looking for a ceiling lighting ever since we moved in (not very actively as you can hear :)). I wanted to find a fairly modern and slim lighting that would not take over the room (given the ceiling is very high). I was so glad when I finally came across this one from Lambert & Fils in Montreal.



Well my friends, that is my dining room. Wish you all a fantastic weekend!



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