Summer rugs

I love decorating with rugs and always have. I am even a fan for placing rug on top of rug. Too bad most of the rugs I fall in love with cost too much ;). However for our summer place, I am not looking for anything fancy. Not at all, I try to go for the natural, affordable, practical but still good looking rugs. Since all our stuff is in storage, I cant show them but I can at least show the 2 styles I have and like more…




Yes, one being the good old favorite sisal. A natural rug and style that fits well into our beachy summer home. I also think it will be a nice contrast to our raw concrete floor.

The Sisal rugs can take a lot of wear n tear and I actually prefer them more after a few years. As some might know, the custom in Sweden is to take your shoes of when entering a home (Here in the US I notice they want to keep them on more). However, during summer we tend to let our guard down a bit and the running in & out with shoes becomes a bad habit.


Image of and by pellahedeby/stilinspiration






Another rug I have tons of is the traditional Swedish rag rug, an old technique and really a part of Swedish cultural heritage. Woven from any material you had available in your house, which most often came from old clothes, bed sheets as well as old furniture fabric. I dare to say that every household has at least one. My best friend E and I had an obsession over them a while back. We went to all close-by summer flea markets. Now, I will admit I have way more than I need, in all kinds of tones. Believe together, we could probably start a shop ;)!




Below an image from our old summer house, where you can spot 3 of mine.


Last summer I also started to make pillow covers of some old rugs. Great way to reuse it all even one more time…


While on the subject, I need to tell you about a couple of creative and talented Swedish girls that actually started to reproduce new rag rugs. I am totally in love with them,  especially the ones they have made in dove earthy and pastelle tones. Here are some images I found on their website. Of course they can customize for you according to your specific wishes! Check out their website, here



Aren’t the Swedish rag ones just lovely. What if! What if I could trade in all my old flea markets rag rugs for just ONE like above 🙂 …Ha, I wish. Sticking with my oldies for the time being.

By the way, where did this week go? I really need to start packing for my trip!

Hugs P

Pics borrowed from Swedishrags, pinterest, elledecor, pellahedeby, stilinspiration,,



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