Summer rides

Yes, I realize it is totally crazy –  but besides planning for this dreamy summer house of ours I cant help but fantasize about our future summer car. Obviously my dear husband and I have different opinion and he feels since I decided on most stuff for the house – he gets to choose summer car. I hear him, but I still feel I have a saying (even it is a small one, right??).

Here is what I am thinking;  sure safety is important, it would be nice if it would fit us all (5) and great if we could drive it all year ( dark snowy cold Swedish winter)…bla bla bla… but what if we forget about all the practical stuff… just for today 🙂 ?



Before I start, let me say, I dont know much about cars and am really not that interested but that doesnt mean I cant enjoy or have fun pretending like I do! One thing I do know, is that the Ford Bronco here has a special place in my heart. I just think they are the coolest coolest! I would love to bring one over from the US, slip it into a container with destination – Mölle! (Remember, I am looking for a fun unique summer car, different from the traditional one I drive every other regular Monday of the week in Seattle).




Now, huge contrast from the big Americano…to a very different style I found online. A more feminine one for sure. With rattan seating, really??? This little cutie Italian (looks a lot like a golf car) is a Fiat 600 Jolly. So, here is Jolly Jolly.






From Jolly, we are moving on to a similar size car but a way cooler one. A car you mostly see in the tropical spots of the world. A car that was built in the 50s after Brittish Army asked Brittish Motor Association to build a light parachute-droppable military car. Voilá, thats how MOKE came about!




As you can see the MOKE comes in many fun colors. Think my favorite is yellow or light blue…. (what do you think, a good car for the winter….??` :))

Here is a car all of  you already know, the Volkswagen Beetle cab´. Perhaps the one I feel the least excited in comparison tho the rest today but it still made my list. After all, the cab is still a sweet little beachy classic for summer days.





Only 2 more cars to look at… WHO would have thought I would be blogging about cars!!!

Another car that has a special place in my heart is the classic Porsche. Always has and will. A bit more pricey for sure but today I am pretending they are all free or I can pay with monopoly money. Love the old Porsche Speedster (prefer it in silver or this cream color). Not sure if it fits us all 5 …hmmm ;))



Before I let you go, I want to show you a slightly bigger option. A car that would actually take all 5 of us. Not so sure about the safety part, offering seat belts and head rest..but again details, details… Before I met my Ford Bronco this Jeep Grand Voyager was a top pick of mine.



This image above just gives me the best summer vibes, the dad reading a magazine while driving, kids and dog leaning out the window, no seat belts what so ever, the car overloaded with stuff & blown up beach balls! The kids actually look excited rather than just looking down on their phones …

That is it my friends (promise, no more cars). I will present my list to hubby!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!
Hugs P

One thought on “Summer rides

  1. such great choices!! We grew up with the last car with the wood siding with plenty of room for our big family. I vote for the strong bronco if you can choose a great summer color, although the second choice with rattan seats seems very light, romantic and in the spirit of easy summer life or adventure, maybe like the movie, Chitty Chitty Bang, Bang!


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