A few kitchen wishes…

I have picked out most parts for the kitchen. The overall plan and layout is pretty set. One last meeting on Monday to decide counter top, which will also lastly decide the color of the kitchen.

Promise to show everything once it is finalized, in the mean time I wanted to share a couple of things that were on my wish list for the kitchen from the start.



FIRST I wanted to show you the 2 pictures above that have been my inspiration from the beginning. Both different in style but that’s just how I like it. Combining, mixing the classic and modern is fun! Now, here are 3 of the things on my looong wish list,

1. Social space
A sitting bench in the kitchen is a must for us. A spot for people to hang, relax and have drinks while others are preparing dinner or dishes. The idea is to have a small table near by that we roll out when needed to place drinks & snacks on. I will have a customized long seating cushion and a ton of pillows to make it extra comfy. Without doubt this becomes a favorite spot in da house. I also imagine my hubby easily taking a power nap between main course and dessert! Having bar stools by the island is another way of staying connected but its not the same, it doesn´t beat the bench filled with cushions. The bench breaks it up and ads warmth to any kitchen.


In our last summer house (image below) due to space we only managed to create a nook, but much appreciated and used.


2. Butlers Pantry
Another detail I am planning on is a separate space for pantry and fridge&freezer. I was looking for a “light” version of the old fashion butlers work space. I want to keep the food separate since most fruits and vegetable prefer to be out of sunlight anyways to last longer. The pantry is also a great place to put bigger or bulkier kitchen appliances, so in the end I am hoping it will help keep the kitchen more clean and clutter free. Our little butler area will be in a small hallway between the kitchen and laundry room, so connected just not right in the middle of the kitchen.



I will admit, my pantries never look like this but it is my goal! I also have the glass jars and baskets to put everything in but somehow things get messy after a week. However, with the system and baskets in place its easier to clean and just put things back in order. I imagine open shelves but surely a more customized space like below makes it all look nicer!



Another detail I want to ad is a tall display cabinet or cupboard (vitrinskåp in Swedish) for the glasses and porcelain we use on a daily basis. I don´t intend to have any upper cabinets besides this one.  I prefer to keep it airy and instead display art, some details and lamps on the walls. Besides, its a summer house so the needs and look will be different. For the longest time I was debating having a unique stand alone cabinet (showing a few of my favorites below) with glass doors, but I am now leaning on having it integrated and in the same as the rest of the kitchen cabinets but with open shelves. I am hoping open shelves will make it feel less formal but still personalized. Glass doors can easily be added if needed further along the road.. I hope I wont regret it…











That was all from my wish list today my friends, promise to be back with more soon. Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Hugs P

Images borrowed from:
Artilleriet,  Skonehem, Esny, Everydayenchanting, Devol Kitchens, Kvänum, TineK, Lindebjergdesign, Pinterest. Ikea.




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