4th of July – a big day for us this year

Just a quick update from the South of Sweden. We are in the midst of summer vacation and of course spending most of it ON the lot!  Its funny how my dear hubby and I keep walking by, walking around even though we know nothing has necessarily happened since the last time we walked by… but for us living far away (and of course loving this project) we want to spend and get to know each stone and corner of our new place.


Since we have chosen concrete floor on the main floor, our builder used a special and finer concrete. I am trying to get a medium grey, natural color and look, so I did not ad any color to the concrete (which is an option of course).  In order to avoid cracks in the concrete floor, here are a few tips I picked up; use thicker steel reinforcement than normal in the foundation, use finer concrete, walk around in the concrete once pored to break up any air bubbles, and dont chose to pore it on real hot sunny days…. (tendency to dry too fast which increases risks for cracks).

file-11 (002)

Apparently cracks should appear already after some 30 minutes. So I assume if you dont spot any after the first hour or so, you should be off to a good start!


We have sanded it down 3x times after they first pored it and its really starting to look nice and smooth. Love it so far!

file-11 (004)

file-11 (003)

4th of July turned out to be an extra special day for us this year! Its our first year celebrating it as American Citizens but it is also the day our summer house was scheduled to be delivered! A good sign and a great day in so many ways.

So on schedule and as promised – the big truck from Fiskarhedenvillan came loaded with goodies. Our summer house is inside that truck!!! I realize it may sound silly but its a super exciting day for us and we are over the moon happy to be here for this! It feels a bit like Christmas (just with the most expensive gift ever…haha) …

Building with Fiskarhedenvillan, you build it up bit by bit (not a ready module home). All material, all the lego parts as I call them come cut and ready.  Now, time to unload and next step is to put all those delivered parts together! Hope they know which one goes where….;)



file-11 (008)

file-14 (002)

I feel a bit bad for the neighbors and locals having to see this mess….. hopefully it will clear up within the next 2-3 weeks AND that they will love the finished product of course!

file1-2 (004)

The delivery has been checked off the list, it all seems to be here and in good condition. Tomorrow the next fun part starts, stay tuned for more….ta ta ta…taaa

My work here is done for the day, time to go down and swim with the kids. Can´t believe it only takes me 80 seconds to walk down to the water. Its a pinch me, unreal happy and lucky feeling.

file1-3 (002)

I will of course keep you updated on the next 2 building weeks. I also have a ton to tell about the kitchen we chose, as well as show more pics from the fishing village we are building in (which some of you asked for…)

The weather has just been nice so I really wanted to make the most of that and save computer and blog time for the more cloudy and rainy days.. (which I know will come ;)).

Chat soon again! Enjoy your day.
Hugs P



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