Greek retreat on Serifos

Greece has been a popular destination for years and years, especially Swedes love going here. They love going to Santorini, Naxos and Mykonos for example but of course there are many more beautiful spots and islands to explore.  I suppose the movie ´Mama Mia` helped kick up tourism a bit, and especially the island of Kalokairi where they filmed most of it.

Today I thought I would share pictures from this hotel I came across while surfing away this morning. Its on the island of Serifos. A gorgeous retreat, unfortunately pretty pricey but it doesn´t cost to look! No airports on Serifos and the ferry, well lets just say it can take a good 4-5 hours to get there from Athens since you need to stop by a few others on your way there. However, if you are looking for the unexplored, original, less touristic, less bars and “latest hits” music – This is it!

On Serifos you´ll find this luxury COCO Mat Hotel. Architect George Zafiriou is the mastermind behind the wonderful transformation and hotel renovation. Its a natural beauty and very eco-friendly and all in my color – palette as well :)!




Do I spot a concrete floor….;) ?


To read more about this hotel and about the architect, go here






Not bad, or? Just felt the need to share this quick escape. Now time to log out and play tennis before heading over to the construction site. A lot has happened just in the last 2 days, super exciting! More pics from that shortly!

All pictures are from the hotel website. Head there for more info & images;

Hugs P


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