Here comes a Friday treat…

I woke up this morning with an email from my dear friend Eva who sent a link to this house for sale in Sweden. She knows me too well and we share the same style and taste in practically everything. Thank you E for this one! Its the kind of home that makes me question my own interior, gets me online looking for new cool furniture and makes me wanna rearrange things at home! I love coming across unique and interesting homes like this one. ESPECIALLY being a Swede – where we tend to copy and having our homes ending up looking pretty much same same…. Well this one is far from the same”!


The house itself built in 1910, located in a very nice area just about 15 minutes outside of the capital, Stockholm. Most Swedes would rapidly grab the brush and paint the house in gray with white trims, so I am extra happy to see they kept the brown color.



Now moving inside and seeing how well they have managed to combine old furniture, with some really cool art (some old, some modern) and just adding an overall modern twist to it – its just spot on! I realize the owners have good and fancy taste in things but oh boy, most importantly – they know how to put it all together (which is key and not always easy). To me, this home feels so interesting, different, inviting and most importantly LIVED in! I might not pick everything here but it doesn’t stop me from appreciating it and being super inspired by their taste, their overall sense of style… I am just sad I dont know them and was ever invited :)….



Just admiring the mix (the old fireplace and that big modern piece of art) looking into the kitchen… very different, but I love it. Also the Mouille ceiling lamp below is a favorite




Stop for a second and look at this kitchen. To me, it was unexpected, both the color of the cabinets as well as choice of wallpaper. This is not something I would pick or put together at all but seeing it here, like this – it looks so darn cool and inviting and makes me think I am way too cautious and careful when choosing stuff for this new house of ours.

And yes, they also have the same spot-rail lighting that I have and was planning to ad in our kitchen. After seeing this, I think I WILL stick with my plan…





Again, different and interesting set of stairs, eye catching for sure.


Wallpaper is very popular in Sweden and many European countries for that matter but you still dont see it as much here in the US yet (mostly only in trendy NY, LA) but I have to say – there are so many different styles and wonderful and cool designs today so there is no excuse. A home needs wallpaper somewhere (I am pretty sure my dear brother who works with this will be extra happy and proud that I finally came to my senses when it comes to adding wallpaper).  I promise to do a separate blogpost on just this topic very soon. In the meantime, enjoy their 2 choices.




That was my Friday treat, hope you enjoyed this home as much as I did.

Now, time to put the White to chill and head to Whole Foods to buy a nice Friday dinner!

Hugs P

Pic cred to E, but all pics and for more; Bjurfors


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